Expert North Miami Beach AUDI Air Conditioner Repair. It’s no sweat to chill you out.

June 17, 2022

Audi AC Repair Service Hallandale

North Miami Beach “I was so hot and miserable and my children were crying, and within 24 hours, the Audi mechanics in Hollywood at German Car depot repaired my Audi Ac Compressor. We are very grateful to Ollie and his amazing Audi mechanics who got my family back on the road… quickly and cool!” –Jenny … Read more

5 Signs That Indicate You Need A Wheel Alignment

May 30, 2022

Wheel alignments are crucial services to keep your wheels pointing in the right direction. Over time, your wheels can alter their direction and you’ll need a wheel alignment service as a result. If you’re experiencing any of the five warning signs below, please head on over to German Car Depot for quality wheel alignments. SIGN … Read more

How Do I Maintain My Car’s Exhaust System?

April 20, 2022

For most people, a car’s exhaust system is the most underrated component in any roadworthy vehicle. Although it might not be the first thing you think about in terms of personal safety or even engine performance, it plays a crucial role in both these aspects. The exhaust system is an array of vehicle parts and … Read more

The Correct Way To Handle A Vehicle Breakdown

March 30, 2022

You will likely deal with a breakdown at some point in your life or your car’s life. Many drivers find themselves stranded due to a dead battery, flat tire, or overheating. And once these catastrophes occur, people often freak out and panic (which is NOT what you want to do as it can worsen the … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

February 28, 2022

Most of us have been frightened by the surprise appearance of the check engine light before. We have our fingers crossed that it is an easy and inexpensive fix. At the same time, some of us try to put it off and pretend like it’s not even there. The truth is the check engine light … Read more

Auto Services That Can Improve Your Gas Mileage

January 31, 2022

Gas prices seem like they’re constantly going up, making it a bigger priority for drivers to squeeze as many miles as possible out of each gallon of fuel. We’ve put together this list of services that can lead to improvements in your MPG:  CHANGE FUEL FILTER Changing out a dirty fuel filter for a new … Read more

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

December 12, 2021

Brakes are responsible for keeping you and all other road users safe as they are responsible for stopping or slowing down. The ability to effectively slow down or stop your vehicle on the road is not an option but mandatory. Therefore, regular servicing and giving them the care they need to function correctly is essential … Read more

Automotive Innovations Every Driver Should Be Thankful For

November 29, 2021

November is a time of thanking and giving. Before the holidays are in full swing, we thought this is the perfect time to take a moment and realize how grateful we are for our vehicles. Cars nowadays are safe, more efficient, and last longer. Here are some of the best automotive inventions for which we’re … Read more

Is Dark Engine Oil Bad?

October 20, 2021

With time and wear, the quality, consistency, and color of your motor oil will change. Truthfully, you should not only rely on color to dictate the efficiency of oil. Depending on the oil, the color will alter for various reasons, including heat, additives, and contaminants. WHAT COLOR IS OIL SUPPOSED TO BE? Engine oil color … Read more

To Flush Or Not To (radiator) Flush

September 27, 2021

If you want to avoid unwanted costly repairs and boost engine performance for your German vehicle, then regular maintenance is key. You may already be set on your alignments and oil changes, but what about your cooling system? Coolant (or antifreeze) is the solution that regulates the water inside of your car radiator. The fluid … Read more