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The History of Hollywood City, Florida

July 13, 2023

Hollywood, Florida, is a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, parks, and cultural attractions. But the city has not always been so successful. Its history has been somewhat intense. 

From its humble beginnings to its present-day glory, Hollywood’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Hollywood is fascinating, with a rich history that’s full of triumphs and trials. It all started in 1921 when Joseph Wesley Young had a vision for a new city along the beautiful coastline. 

Hollywood faced its fair share of challenges early on, including the Great Depression and a devastating hurricane. But against all odds, this resilient city overcame adversity and flourished in the post-war era.

Today, Hollywood is a haven for tourists. It has breathtaking beaches, lush parks, and a thriving cultural scene. I’d love to show you around and tell you more about its fascinating history.

The Founding of Hollywood

Joseph Young in his familu yacht

In 1921, Joseph Wesley Young purchased 16,000 acres of land in what is now Hollywood, Florida. He envisioned a “dream city” by the sea, complete with beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, and vibrant cultural attractions. 

Young named his new city Hollywood after the famous neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Young’s vision for Hollywood was ambitious, but he was a successful developer with a proven track record. He quickly began to build roads, bridges, and other infrastructure in the new city. 

He also attracted investors and developers who were eager to build hotels, homes, and businesses in Hollywood. 

For a time, it seemed like Young’s dream was coming true. Hollywood experienced a boom in the early 1920s, and the population grew rapidly. But then, the Great Depression hit, and Hollywood’s economy came crashing down.

Hollywood Beach Casino, 1924

The Great Depression and the Hurricane of 1926

Young’s dream was almost derailed by two significant events. First, the Great Depression of the 1930s dealt a severe blow to Hollywood’s development. The economic downturn led to financial difficulties and slowed down the city’s growth. 

Just as Hollywood was beginning to recover, a devastating hurricane struck in 1926, causing widespread destruction and loss of life. The hurricane destroyed many of Young’s buildings and infrastructure, leaving the city in ruins. 

After the 1926 hurricane

The Post-War Years

Despite these setbacks, Hollywood persevered and began to rebuild. The post-war years brought renewed hope and a surge of growth for the city. After the war, Hollywood began to grow rapidly. The population of the city doubled in the 1950s, and it continued to grow in the 1960s and 1970s. 

This growth was due in part to the city’s attractive location and its warm climate. It was also because Hollywood was becoming a popular destination for retirees and snowbirds.

Today’s Hollywood

Despite the challenges, Hollywood eventually managed to overcome adversity. In the post-war years, the city experienced rapid growth and development. 

The construction of the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, a 2.5-mile promenade along the Atlantic Ocean, became a major attraction, drawing tourists and locals alike. The city also saw the establishment of numerous parks, recreational facilities, and cultural venues, further enhancing its appeal.

Today, Hollywood is a thriving city with a population of over 150,000 people. It is home to seven miles of pristine beaches, more than 60 parks, and seven golf courses. The city is also home to a number of cultural attractions, including the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and the ArtWalk Hollywood.

Hollywood Now

Hollywood’s history is a testament to the indomitable spirit of its people. From humble beginnings to its current status as a thriving tourist hotspot, this dream city has overcome challenges and carved a unique identity. 

Hollywood has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Despite facing challenges like the Great Depression and a devastating hurricane, the city has managed to overcome adversity and thrive as a popular tourist destination. 

Today, Hollywood’s pristine beaches, picturesque parks, and vibrant cultural attractions continue to captivate visitors from near and far.

As the city looks to the future, it aims to preserve its rich history while embracing growth and innovation, ensuring that Hollywood remains a dream destination for years to come.

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