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Professional Porsche Auto Repair Service In Aventura, FL

Professional Porsche Auto Repair Service In Aventura, FL

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The Porsche car became a cult car back in the 80s. Perhaps it is difficult to find a person who would refuse to have such a beauty in his garage. Regular maintenance and repair, if necessary, is especially important for expensive cars like Porsche. If you do not pay attention to even a small breakdown, it can cause a reduction in the service life or a complete failure of the unit. So, here in this article let's know about Porsche auto repair Aventura FL.

About Porsche Repair Center In Aventura FL:

Porsche cars, each series of which becomes a legend during its lifetime, that is, during the period of production from the assembly line, require special maintenance and automotive repair in Aventura FL.

Accordingly, special requirements are imposed on the car service under the emblem in the form of a golden-red-black shield.

All of them are meticulously carried out in the Porsche repair shops in Aventura FL technical center. This is, above all, the quality of Porsche repair, as well as the versatility of the work performed.

This refers to the abundance of varieties in the model range of these cars, which manifest themselves not only in appearance but also in the design of the main components and assemblies. There are about a dozen types of power plants on Porsche alone.

Qualified specialists of the technical center Porsche repair shops in Aventura FL thoroughly know the features of each of them. As well as suspension designs, including the adaptive PASM system; transmissions, whether it is a viscous coupling or an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch RTM; and other units of Porsche cars. So, see below the popular services provided in Porsche repair in Aventura FL.

In Porsche repair in Aventura FL repair service is carried out on professional high-quality equipment in combination with the use of special tools. The center carries out not only car repairs, but also the installation of accessories, additional equipment, as well as exclusive tuning.

Fast and high-quality work will not take much time. This approach has already been appreciated by customers.

By becoming the owner of a Porsche, you have chosen impeccable quality and style, and unique technical parameters, so the choice of service should be very important to you. So, see here the Porsche repair services offered by the service center in Aventura Florida.

Maintenance Of Porsche:

All types of locksmith repairs and scheduled maintenance from replacing pads to complex engine replacement work! The Porsche repair in Aventura FL is engaged in the repair and diagnostics of Porsche cars.

Professionals have extensive experience and skills that are necessary for the high-quality repair of machines of this concern.

Porsche repair service in Aventura FL you can not only repair your Porsche car efficiently and quickly but also perform the entire range of great customer service related to maintenance.

The professionals will be able to install any additional equipment and accessories for you, as well as make a unique tuning.

All work will be carried out with high quality and in the shortest possible time.

Computer Diagnostics Of Porsche:

In modern Porsche, almost all elements of the car have their own electronic control units. Porsche is a very smart car and the only correct option for diagnosing malfunctions or malfunctions is computer diagnostics of the car.

Of course, this is only possible with the use of professional dealer equipment. The Porsche repair service in Aventura FL uses certified dealer equipment, which guarantees accurate recognition of Porsche errors of any complexity.

Porsche Engine Compression Test:

Checking engine compression is an important process when buying a car, especially with high mileage. It allows you to find out what condition the elements of the engine are in.

Oil Change:

Changing the oil in a Porsche engine is one of the most important maintenance procedures for your car. Powerful Porsche engines need special attention and constant monitoring of the condition of the oil.

Changing the oil in the Porsche transfer case is an important procedure for your car, which is recommended to be done every 60,000 km.

Almost all Porsche cars are equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive system with variable load distribution on the front and rear axles of the car, depending on the mode of operation of the transfer case selector.

By performing the oil change procedure you get:

  • Original Mobil 1 oil - according to the Porsche catalog

  • Original oil filters for your car

  • The professionalism of the mechanic when performing the oil change procedure

  • Removing and installing crankcase protection on your car

A Porsche 911 Turbo S parked on a road

ICE Diagnostics:

First of all, this is a visual assessment of the condition of the engine compartment. The trained eye of the master will always see potential problems with electrical wiring, protective screens, and casings, the sensitive ear of a professional will hear hints of the need to replace components and assemblies. But these are all subjective assessments.

The injection engine diagnostics can only be checked by the same electronics. This role is performed by our modern diagnostic equipment, which connects to your car and reads errors in the operation of its engine.

This ICE diagnostic allows you to identify possible problems in the power supply system, gas distribution, and other components of the engine at an early stage.

Yes, Porsche is one of the most reliable and durable cars in the world. But even he needs care and maintenance. Timely diagnostics of the engine will allow it to live longer and happier. Just like you do when you take care of your health!

Tire Fitting:

One of the most requested services by motorists is tire fitting. Porsche repair in Aventura FL offers customers a huge range of these services necessary for the safe movement of their passenger cars.

The complex of works includes several mandatory and additional procedures determined by specialists depending on the desire of the customer and the technical condition of his car.

Using special Hofmann equipment, dismantle and mount tires, ensure even distribution of the load of the wheels in contact with the road surface, by checking and optimizing tire pressure, and carry out work to eliminate the imbalance of the wheels and their fasteners, hubs, suspension elements, and disks, install weights, thereby realizing the exact balancing of the wheels and the driveshaft.

If there are side cuts and punctures of the tread that occurred during the operation of the vehicle, appropriate repairs are made using special chemicals, a tourniquet, cord, or ordinary patches, and vulcanization of the damaged area will restore the original strength and safety.

Adherents of high-quality car care can also take advantage of the disc painting service, which is carried out using the latest equipment and high-quality powder polymers from popular foreign manufacturers, which not only improves the appearance but also provides increased resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

Black Porsche Running fast On Road

Replacement Of Porsche Spark Plugs:

Porsche spark plugs must be replaced at the intervals specified by the manufacturer, for each model individually. But this is subject to the operation of the car on pure German gasoline.

The quality of fuel is quite different from refueling to refueling, even on the same brands. Due to poor fuel quality, Porsche spark plugs can fail earlier than usual.

Replacement Of Porsche Air Filters:

When carrying out scheduled maintenance of the car, Porsche filters are also replaced. The air filter is a very important component of the car's intake system, which literally allows your engine to breathe.

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the air filters in your car in a timely manner in order to prevent incorrect engine operation.

Also, when carrying out maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to the Porsche cabin filter. Its main task is to filter the air inside the car.

And if you feel an unpleasant smell after starting the air conditioner or from running the engine, we recommend replacing the cabin air filter, which in most cases is located under the glove compartment of your car.

Replacement of Porsche Antifreeze:

Antifreeze in Porsche cars should be replaced every 5 years or when any element of the car's cooling system is replaced.

It is necessary to carry out the procedure for replacing antifreeze in a specialized technical center.

During the replacement procedure, special equipment is used that can check the system under high pressure, as well as pressure test and detect even the slightest antifreeze leaks.

Porsche Power Steering Fluid Replacement:

Changing the Porsche power steering fluid is a rather important and complicated procedure.

To completely change the fluid in the system, it must be pumped out of the expansion tank, all pipes, steering rack, and power steering pump.

Intensive use of the Porsche leads to a loss in the quality of the power steering fluid, which in the future can lead to malfunctions in the power steering pump or even to its failure.

The cost of this unit is quite high, so it is very important to change the hydraulic fluid in your Porsche in a timely manner.

Porsche Brake Fluid Replacement:

Brake fluid is the main component of the entire braking system in a car. Replacement is carried out using special equipment.

A special installation is connected to the brake fluid reservoir, then the master replaces the fluid on each of the brake calipers of the car.

It is very important to bleed the system so that not a single air bubble remains in it, otherwise, the brakes in the car will not work effectively.

Dry Cleaning Of The Interior Of Porsche:

The Porsche repair in Aventura FL also performs dry cleaning of Porsche car interiors, as well as full detailing of Porsche cars. With the most modern tools and chemistry used.

This guarantees the removal of stains and dirt of any complexity, as well as the safety of all leather, plastic, and fabric elements of your car interior.

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How To Choose The Best Porsche Auto Repair Center In Aventura FL:

As Porsche owners, you can get serviced in different places, and each service station is essentially a lottery. It all depends on the experience and honesty of the mechanics and management.

It is possible to repair a car poorly at the “officials” and perfectly in the garage. Choosing a car repair shop depends on several factors. Before you decide for yourself a dealer or not, you need to evaluate the following factors yourself.

Professionalism and Reliability:

The dealer has all the information you need to repair your car, plus experience in repairing one brand. This is a big advantage over multi-brand stations.

The Dealer can also ask the Manufacturer directly in difficult situations. It is clear that this applies to relatively old cars up to 10 years old, then there may be problems with experience.

The Dealer Receives Parts From a Direct Source:

The dealer contract is very strict and the dealer can only receive parts from the central warehouse of the manufacturer.

Plus, the Manufacturer conducts constant audits of the dealer, and fines for the slightest deviation from the contract amount to seven figures + up to the complete deprivation of the dealership.

The normal service does not have access to this warehouse. Buy spare parts most often, where necessary.

A mechanic checking car engine in auto repair shop

Guaranteed Work:

The dealer gives a guarantee not from himself, but from the Manufacturer. And if you went on a long trip, then it doesn’t matter to you which dealer changed the part, you can contact any dealer technical center for a guarantee.

And even if the dealership closes or changes its legal entity, this will not affect you, because Responsibility for original parts lies with the Manufacturer.

The description only applies to the original parts. For additional equipment, which is installed by the dealer, the Manufacturer does not carry a guarantee.

Updated Equipment:

When choosing a quality Porsche car service the availability of expensive and high-quality equipment from the manufacturer that has the appropriate expensive yearly subscription to the Porsche portal for programming and firmware updates.

All devices and devices for repair should be updated in time - regular checking allows you to keep the equipment ready for the newest updates.

The dealer is obliged by contract to have the necessary special tools for repairs in accordance with the manufacturer's technologies.

Which is not always available at most independent repair centers. The cost is just too high for a small shop with a low volume. A universal scan tool does not have the information and training to repair the latest modles.

Specialized Mechanic:

Universal service stations often do only replacements. And for restoration, rare parts, equipment and experience are needed. And the universal masters themselves are unlikely to undertake such work.

Therefore, complex units are removed and given for repair to specialized service stations.

The Number Of Mechanic:

In a good car service, mechanics do not sit idle, everyone has to do a certain job.

If employees are busy with extraneous matters, this can only mean one thing - there are no queues in the service, so it is not in demand among motorists.

If other clients are on site, don't be afraid to approach them and inquire about the quality of the work, as well as how long a particular type of repair takes.

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It is very important to keep track of how the documents are drawn up. It is necessary that a contract be drawn up for the performance of the service, which provides for possible guarantees and working conditions.

All documents are drawn up in an understandable language and have clear conditions that indicate the types of work, deadlines, as well as the employees responsible for the repair.

It is important that the documents contain all the conditions under which the car is accepted for repair, and also returned to the car owner.

After the repair, in addition to the contract, an act of work performed must be concluded and signed by both parties, and a guarantee must be stipulated in it.

So, for example, for replaced parts, the warranty period cannot be less than 3 months, and for painting, it should be a year.


In any car service, it is better to go to the mechanic and find out if he had experience in repairing the client's brand cars. The experience and positive reviews of the mechanic will allow you to correctly identify the problem and diagnose the car.


A car service is a set of measures for the maintenance, current, restoration, and overhaul of vehicles, as well as the installation of additional equipment on it. In addition, a car service is an organization that provides the above services to the public and legal entities.

A car is a means of transportation, which means that many moving parts are subject to wear and tear and eventually fail. Therefore, car service a car is like a children's clinic for a child.

So do not neglect the diagnosis of the car, because it can warn of a possible breakdown. I don't think you want to be late for an important meeting, work, etc. due to the fact that your car has stood in the middle of the road and refuses to start and let you go further.