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Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service: Ultimate Guide

Brakes are responsible for keeping you and all other road users safe as they are responsible for stopping or slowing down. The ability to effectively slow down or stop your vehicle on the road is not an option but mandatory. Therefore, regular servicing and giving them the care they need to function correctly is essential to maintaining your safety. Here is a closer look at the top signs your vehicle needs brake service.

Squealing or Squeaking Noises

Hearing high-pitched squealing noise in your vehicle when applying brakes does not always mean they are giving out immediately. However, the squeaking noises serve as a reminder to service your brakes. It may also be a sign that the brake pads are worn out; hence, they may need to be changed. Most times, the noises come from foreign objects like pebbles or debris lodged into the brakes. These bits of foreign objects may come in contact with the rotor, thus producing the high-pitched noise you hear while applying the brakes. Hence, visit our mechanic to get the brakes checked or replaced.

Brake Light On

Brake lights appearing on the dashboard for some vehicles usually indicate a problem with the brakes. Thus, you may need to take your vehicle for service or brake maintenance.

Grinding Noises

Take a trip to our mechanic when you hear grinding noises while applying brakes on your vehicle. Grinding noise may be heard irrespective of whether you have disc or drum brakes, usually meaning the brakes require immediate servicing because of the brake pad or shoe grinding on metal contact points which may be too dangerous.

Visible Wear-and-Tear

Visual inspection of your brakes in another way to identify your brake pads require servicing. Checking your vehicle’s brake pads will enable you to see the extent of the tear and wear on them, thus realizing they need service. The brake pads can be seen between the spokes of the wheel pressed up against the metal rotor. If you find that the brake pads are less than a quarter-inch thick, ensure you get them checked at our shop.

Brake Service in Hollywood, FL

Servicing the brakes of your vehicle is an essential part of proper vehicle maintenance. When you take care of your car brakes, they, in turn, take care of you by ensuring your safety. Therefore, aside from regular maintenance, ensure they are inspected and serviced by a professional the moment you experience the above brake warning signs. Feel free to visit German Car Depot if you need to service your brakes.