Transmission services Audi A4

Transmission Services Audi A4 , repairs is a specialty at German Car Depot. Here is an overview of some of the common Audi transmission troubles, and how to possibly prevent them from occurring.

Symptoms of a Faulty Transmission:


If you notice that the engine is lagging or unresponsive, a faulty transmission could be to blame. in most cases the Check Engine light will be on.

Other signs and symptoms include burning smells, an inability to change gears, unusual sounds and/or vibrations and leaking fluids. When the CVT transmission TCM is not working the LCD display will have P R N D all lit up.

Maintaining a Transmission to Prevent Problems:

German Car Depot recommends observing the Audi manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule.

The following transmission-related procedures will be performed:

  • Fluid leak checks
  • Transmission filter element replacements
  • ATF or CVT oil changes
  • Road test drives
  • Along with other examinations and replacements

Transmission Control Module – TCM

A common problem is a bad Transmission Control Module – TCM. in most cased the LCD display will show all the gears lit up. This is a sure sign of a faulty TCM.

Repairing Audi Transmissions:

Transmissions are delicate and complex systems and should be diagnosed and repaired by specialists with make-specific tools and knowledge. If you suspect that your Audi A4 might be experiencing transmission issues, please contact us at the German Car Depot. We are an affordable – yet specialized – dealership alternative, and we have highly skilled professionals who are ready to serve you. Our experts will be able to determine whether your vehicle needs replacement seals, a new clutch, a transmission rebuild, or another component or cost-effective repair. We are located in Hollywood, Florida, nearby Aventura, Miami, and Golden Beach, and we look forward to assisting you with your Audi transmission.


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