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Audi Oil Change Service: Keep Your Engine Lubricated

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Audi Oil Change at German Car Depot

It’s essential to get the oil changed in your Audi regularly because otherwise, the engine can build up harmful sludge, regardless of the age of the car or its mileage. It is imperative to have the oil changed between 5000 and 7000 miles. Some Audi vehicles need oil changes more often, depending on your driving habits and the environmental conditions that your vehicle is exposed to.

Do you check your oil before the low oil level light comes on? We see many times per month people say I just had my oil changed 6 months ago how can it be below. Most Audi cars and SUVs lose a quart of oil every 3000 miles. If your vehicle holds 5 quarts then you only have 4 after that, your oil temp will rise to an unsafe temperature in south Florida. 

Do you make lots of short trips or have to constantly stop and start in traffic? If you are in South Florida, then you know these conditions aren’t considered normal and you’ll need to get your oil changed sooner than expected.

Engine Sludge in an Audi

The engine sludge that builds up is a thick substance that will clog the engine passages. Standard use of the engine will create gasses, vapour, fuel fragments and acids within it. These elements result from the combustion process and will rest in the motor oil. Regular oil change will get rid of them, but failing to do so will cause them to combine and form the aforementioned sludge.

Build-up of sludge is extremely harmful to an Audi’s engine and becomes increasingly difficult to remove the more of it there is. Having sludge within your engine can show the following symptoms:
• A decrease in engine performance and a reduction in fuel efficiency
• Noticeably increase the noise of the engine
• Cooling system warnings due to the oil’s inability to properly cool down
• Reduced engine lubrication due to restricted oil passages and filters

Schedule an Oil Change for Your Audi in the Fort Lauderdale Area
When it is time for an oil change, it is beneficial to bring your Audi to a to German Car Depot where we have Audi expertise. While you may be tempted to bring your sedan, crossover or SUV to a local quick lube place in the Dallas area for an oil change, you are missing out on the benefit of having an Audi technician on-site, who will do a full vehicle inspection during your oil change service and schedule your vehicle for any maintenance or repair that needs to be done.

Audi Regular Oil Change

It’s essential that you get your Audi oil changed and checked regularly. Massive build-up of engine sludge can damage your engine beyond repair. At German Car Depot we can clean up minimal amounts of sludge, but the ultimate recommendation is to not allow this sludge to form in the first place.

You should have oil changes often, as part of the Audi regular maintenance schedule. German Car Depot will check and change your oil, along with assessing for any sludge. Your other car fluids will be checked at the same time too, all for a fraction of the dealership price.

Why is my Audi using oil?

If you seem to be constantly low on oil prior to your next service interval. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Audi has stated that engine oil use may be higher in the first 3000 miles of the vehicle’s life. This is due to the vehicle engine’s break-in period.
  • Oil use can vary depending on oil quality, oil viscosity, engine RPMs, outside temperature, road conditions, oil dilution caused by condensing water, fuel residue, or even oxidation of the oil.
  • Driving habits and towing large loads can also increase oil consumption. The harder the engine works the more oil it will use.
  • Engine wear can cause oil consumption to increase. Routine maintenance and replacing necessary engine components will help prevent excessive wear.

    If you feel like your Audi is using excessive amounts of oil, please mention this to your Technician here at German Car Depot, and they will diagnose your Audi.

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