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Audi Brake Repair Service: Stay Safe

As an independent German Car Specialist, we have worked on thousands of cars throughout our 30-plus years. We know from this experience, that correctly diagnosing and testing the Audi brake system, is the safest way to ensure that our customer's cars STOP when they press the brake pedal!

Our technicians can diagnose and repair every component of your Audi brake system, and make sure that.
The brake system repairs and services we offer include the following:

A Audi car's brake rotors

  • Rotor and Pad Replacement
  • Brake Pad Wear Sensor
  • Brake Fluid Change / Flush
  • Brake Pad Warning Light Reset
  • Diagnose & Repair ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
  • ABS Control Module Failure
  • Caliper Replacement

Here Are your brakes squealing or making other noises, do they feel a little softer than usual or has it been more than two years since your brake fluid was changed? If so, then it's time to have your brakes inspected by German Car Depot.

Our mechanics will check every component of your braking system for proper function and excessive wear. When replacements are needed, we only use Audi OEM/OES (Original Equipment Manufacturer) / (Original Equipment Supplier) parts.

Why original Audi brake parts?

Over the years we have tried many different variations of brake components on Audis, and what we have learned is that the "original brake rotors and linings perform better" for street use than any other combination. The superior cold performance and lack of any noise or vibration make them ideal for daily driving. The only drawback to using the original equipment is the dark grey brake dust caused by the high carbon linings.

After-market linings can cure the dust problem but quite often create other issues. A shaking steering wheel as you slow from freeway speeds, and even when, not braking, can often be cured with new Audi brake discs/rotors. As the non-original rotors heat cycle from driving, they often become warped like an lp record.

The Audi rotors are cast from very soft and porous steel; they dissipate heat very uniformly, and when the factory linings are used, the pores at the surface of the rotors collect and hold carbon from the linings to help adhesion and minimize vibrations (noise). Ever notice the way the rotors on your Audi rust in what seems like minutes after a car wash?

Also, sometimes squeaks can be heard on a rainy day. This is a result of washing the carbon away. Our recommendation is original brakes on your Audi unless you intend to compete. Remember to go easy on your new brakes for the first 200 miles. This will harden the lining materials and maximize the performance and longevity of the linings. Most brake jobs can be done the same day at German Car Depot.

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Brake fluid

Changing the fluids in your car is the most important maintenance procedure a car owner can do, to prevent their vehicle from breaking down. This also includes the brake fluid!

The brake fluid used by the Audi factory is a light amber or tan color. You should replace your original Audi brake fluid with one that has been approved by German DOT 4 or DT 5 if it has taken on a dark amber or dark brown hue. Additionally, it would be a good idea to think about changing your Audi brake fluid if it has been three years or thirty thousand miles and you do not have any records of it.

At German Car Depot, we use a pressure bleeding system to ensure all of the fluid is replaced, and no air is introduced.

Here are some other repairs we cover in Audi repair service

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