Mini Scheduled Service

At German Car Depot we will follow Factory Mini scheduled maintenance guidelines.

We do not agree from past experience with the over 7500 mile oil changes. You will get quality service from experienced mini technicians that will deliver as promised. We will provide you quality workmanship and get it right the first time.

German Car Depot recommended scheduled mini maintenance:

Oil Change:

Synthetic oil engines recommended oil change: every 5000 to 7500 depending if you drive long trips or short journeys. It may also be a benefit to you to come in every 6 months to change the oil and filter, check hoses, brakes and fluids, and conduct a visual inspection of the vehicle. Regular scheduled mini maintenance may save you money over the lifetime of your vehicle, and possibly save your car from a future breakdown.

Mini Inspection:

The service indicator on your dash will come on at approximately 15,000 miles indicating you need an oil change. However we advise that you come for an oil change more frequently in order to keep the engine performing at its best.

Coolant- Antifreeze:

Coolant keeps your engine regulated within the correct working temperatures, prevents your engine from freezing in the winter and stops erosion while protecting hoses, gaskets, seals, O-rings and radiator, and by corroding the coolant system in turn the water pump can prematurely wear out. New coolant protects these parts.

Mixing the wrong type of coolants can severely damage your system. A mini Cooper requires a special coolant (blue color), green, orange or universal coolants could potentially corrode your coolant system.

As coolant ages (2-3 years), the pH level drops and it can no more give this level of protection. We recommend changing your coolant every 2-3 years to keep your engine performing at the most efficient level.

Brake System Flush:

Brake fluid lubricates and protects the entire brake system, lines, calipers, hoses, pistons and brake seals. The brake fluid absorbs water to protect the system from rust. The brake fluid should be replaced a minimum of every 2 years in accordance with the Mini guidelines factory service.

How to make your Mini Transmission last a lifetime.

Transmission Issues – Problems with the automatic transmission come down to Mini saying that transmissions do not require fluid changes. In a perfect world it may be true at German Car Depot we see far too many transmissions fail for no other reason but lack of maintenance.

Changing the transmission fluid every 30,000 to 40,000 miles may save thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run.

The early CVT transmissions especially should have routine transmission fluid changes in South Florida. Severe heat radiating off the pavement.

This radiant heat causes the transmission fluid to run at temperatures higher in the car was designed for.

Newer Mini Coopers CVT transmissions also known as constantly variable transmissions are built with stronger parts such as the clutch plate area, larger bearings and are overall built stronger to make up for the lack of anticipated stresses.

Clutch Failure – Early clutch, Pressure plate and throwout bearings failures seem to be related to hard use or a driver keeping their foot resting on the clutch pedal while driving.

Rattling Ticking – Timing Chains – Timing chains that make noise. Problems can be worsening when the engine is idling. Not changing the oil often enough. Or running the Mini to low on oil.

Performance Issues Related – to (VVT) Variable Valve Timing. This can happen when the oil is not changed enough. The VVT requires a good flow of oil to operate the system. When the oil is not changed, sludge builds up and blocks the super tiny passages as smaller than a pinhole.

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