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Mini Cooper Suspension Repair Service: Travel Restly

The suspension on your Mini Cooper will not only help the car maintain contact with the road surface and handle well, but also ensure that everyone within the vehicle is comfortable and unaffected by road bumps and vibrations.

The primary parts of a Mini Cooper suspension are:

  • Shock absorbers: converts the kinetic energy of the shock of rough ground in order to limit the movement of the suspension
  • Springs: compress and expand in order to absorb the motion of the wheels
  • Strut: not only dampens the shock of vibration, but also provides structural support for the suspension

A MINI Cooper car's steering wheel

Mini Cooper Steering

Mini Cooper Suspension Problems

The suspension is an essential part of the Mini Cooper, but it can get damaged over time through general usage. For examples, speed bumps, potholes, and uneven road surfaces, can all contribute to limiting the lifetime of the suspension.

Suspension is more than just offering a smooth ride. It’s linked to the steering too, which means that it’s vital the system isn’t left to disintegrate. Any signs of wear or damage should be tended to immediately to ensure that the safety of the vehicle is retrained.

Some common symptoms of bad suspension include:
  • Unsmooth ride: if the car is handling roughly and bouncing when going over bumps
  • Lurched stops: when breaking firmly the car will lurch forward slightly, which can increase stopping distance
  • Uneven tire tread: if your tire tread is wearing unevenly, this is a sign that the car isn’t maintaining smooth contact with the road surface
  • Poor handling: if the vehicle drifts when turning, this is a sign that the shock absorbers are damaged and your car is at risk of rolling over

Mini Cooper Suspension Maintenance

It’s vital that you have your Mini Cooper’s suspension and steering maintained, especially if you notice any signs of problems. If you’re unsure, one method of checking the suspension is to park the car and push down on the front of the vehicle, checking to see how many times it bounces. If it’s more than a couple, it’s a sign of a problem.

Mini Cooper Suspension Repair

You need to have your suspension and steering repaired immediately  if you’re having problems. To delay is to create a huge risk of being in an accident, and you can be at fault if it is evident that there was a mechanical problem that you did not repair.

At German Car Depot, we can get you back on the road quickly and safely thanks to our trained and excellent mechanics. We can offer you the great service that you’d expect, but we can also do it at lower cost to repair than dealerships. Bring your Mini by our shop 2130 Fillmore St. Hollywood, FL, 33020 Please call: 954-921-1515

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