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Gaskets are rubber rings that ensure that fluid can be transmitted between two joined parts without leaking. They are used throughout several systems in the Mini Cooper. When gaskets begin to degrade, oil and other fluids can begin leaking through the cracked rubber. If the gaskets on the valve cover begin to crack, slip or degrade, then oil can leak onto the cylinder head and cause serious damage to the engine.

When the oil leaks from the valve cover and onto the cylinder head, it then can travel down the engine block and onto the exhaust manifold. This means the oil usually evaporates quickly, due to the heat of the engine, thus erasing any evidence of an oil leak. You will simply notice a burning oil smell and have no idea where it is leaking.

Mini Cooper Spark Plug Tube Seals

The spark plug seals are similar to the gaskets in that they create a safe vacuum for important automotive events. As opposed to the gaskets, the seals are there to ensure that the spark plugs can start and run your Mini. If they begin to fail, the dropped sparks will cause your car to run unevenly (high RPMs and then sputtering), and you run the risk of not being able to start the car at all.

A Oil lick at valve cover gasket

mini seal and gasket replacement

Symptoms of Bad Gaskets and Seals

The valve cover gasket and other gaskets and seals should be inspected regularly, as part of the factory maintenance schedule recommended for Mini Coopers.
But, if you notice any of these symptoms, have the vehicle inspected right away, so as to prevent a high cost to repair your Mini:
  • Burning oil smell
  • Oil spots on the driveway or wherever you park your car
  • Uneven engine performance, such as sputtering or slippage

Replacing the Mini Cooper Gasket and Seal

The chance of one or both of these pieces failing rises in conjunction with the increased mileage on your vehicle. They are not made to last for the lifetime of your car. That is why inspecting these gaskets and seals is part of the Mini Maintenance Program. When they do fail, we can replace them quickly, efficiently, and with the same expertise as a dealership.

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