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A manual transmission is where the driver operates a pedal to engage the clutch and a gear stick to bring the vehicle into a specific gear. This is unlike an automatic transmission where these two elements are handled by a computer; with a manual transmission, the control lies with the driver.

Mini Cooper Transmission Problems

If your Mini Cooper is suffering from hard shifting, whereby it’s difficult to change gears, this is likely because the clutch disc has worn. In order to shift smoothly, the clutch needs to smoothly disengage – if this isn’t happening then you’ll notice hard shifting, also caused by a defective pressure plate.

Loose shifting is when the gear stick has become loose, which often comes from aggressive gear changing. The damage is caused to the bottom of the gear lever, which can then result in gear slipping which is highly dangerous. To try and prevent this, always ensure that you smoothly change gears rather than forcing or rushing it into position.

Mini Cooper Clutch Maintenance

MINI Cooper Manual Transmission

Mini Manual Transmission Repair

Simply put, a clutch engages and disengages the car’s power. It’s a component that gets a lot of use, so it’s important to look after the clutch. Since the transmission is one of the most expensive things to get repaired, it’s vital that you’re aware of any signs of failure. The Inspection 1 and 2 schedules detailed by Mini will help your transmission last longer, but pay attention to any warning signs.

Some of the common signs of clutch problems include:

  • The clutch may slip, resulting in a loss of acceleration or control
  • The vehicle doesn’t speed up much when the engine is revved
  • An audible grinding or rattling when changing gears
  • The clutch pedal is stiff and changing gears is difficult

Mini Cooper Transmission and Clutch Repair

The transmission is one of the most important components of your Mini Cooper and it should be looked after properly. If there are any signs of problems, bring your car in for service straight away. At German Car Depot, we can check your transmission and clutch and get you back on the road quickly and safely. Best of all, our mechanics can offer you the same professional service you’d expect at a dealership, but at a much cheaper price.