In many online forums we see the question: if my Mercedes Benz has a timing chain, when does it need to be replaced?

The Function of the Timing Chain

A timing chain is a part of your engine that has direct control of the timing of the upper and lower parts. The belt or chain transfers the rotation of the crankshaft to the camshaft. The camshaft activates the valves, which provides air and fuel to the cylinders.


A timing chain is exactly like a timing belt apart from it is made of metal, think of a bicycle chain. These chains can break under extreme conditions but they virtually never snap. The issue with timing chains is that the timing chain tensioners can fail from lack of lubrication, plastic guides or sprockets in the engine can become worn away, causing the chain to “jump” and as such it is helpful to have very clean oil so your timing chain and guides lasts a lifetime.


Timing chains last a lot longer than timing belts however, after several hundred thousand miles, it may be time to replace the timing chain as well.

Signs for replacement:
- a rough idle
- sluggish pick up
- a sudden change in the engine’s performance
- a clanging noise coming from the front of the engine

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