Mercedes-Benz ECM Repair in Fort Lauderdale Area

Your Mercedes has an engine control module, or ECM, that works as the main computer system to ensure your vehicle’s overall performance and drivability functions. It uses information from various sensors throughout your vehicle, to monitor and readjust idle and engine tuning to deliver the best fuel efficiency and power to the engine. A failing or faulty ECM will lead to issues with how the vehicle drives and will decrease overall performance.
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At German Car Depot, we are your trusted destination for professional Mercedes-Benz repair and service here Hollywood, and surrounding areas. Newer model Mercedes very complex, and both the repair and services require a a high level of expertise and knowledge to properly configure. We utilize factory-level equipment and tools when working on your vehicle to ensure the best possible service. We will be more than happy to assist you when you find yourself needing Mercedes-Benz ECM repair.

Here are some indicators of a Failing or Faulty ECM / ECU:
  • Engine won’t start.
  • Check engine light is on.
  • Engine is running poorly.
  • Poor fuel efficiency.
  • Engine performance problems.

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Your Mercedes Benz control modules that command the systems in your car; from keeping your engine running to opening and closing your convertible top, these modules operate most of the electrical systems.

It is important to have these modules checked to keep your car working and avoid costly repairs. If your Mercedes has a warning light without any related issues, or multiple warning lights at the same time it may be caused by a faulty control module or modules.

At time of service a Mercedes Benz diagnostic scanner is used to retrieve fault codes. It also checks the connections between the control modules and systems. If there are any problems with a module, it may be possible to update firmware and reprogram before buying a new one. Usually your computer system will acknowledge internal faults that arise through the diagnostic port. If the modules are unable to register the exact reason for the fault, German Car Depot specialists will have to perform an inspection. At time of inspection the technician will diagnosis the problem and be able to follow the a logical repair path. It may be that a part is not functioning properly or connecting with the module that controls it.

If there is a known issue happening to other owners, Mercedes will issue a service bulletin to repair centers. If an update is needed the module can be “flashed” with the newest release of software to resolve your problem.

Most modern Mercedes have 50 or more control modules!

Types of Mercedes Benz control modules and their functions:

ECUEngine control module This module connects the sensors and electrical parts of your engine

TCUTransmission control module This module controls the transmission and sensors to the transmission and gear box

BCMBody control module This module along with door control modules or convertible top modules control the electrical systems that deal with body components. The components control the lights, doors, locks, and instrument cluster along with other components in the interior.

ABSAnti Lock Brake module This module controls your electronic braking safety systems and traction control of your car.

In older models, the braking system was called SBC ( Sensortronic Brake Control) SRS- Supplemental Restraint System module This module controls your airbags, seat belts, and crash sensors of your car. Most brake parts are manufactured by Bosch. German Car Depot techs are Bosch factory trained and certified. In south Florida the clear choice is German Car Depot.