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Driving conditions here in South Florida are more severe than in any other part of America. It is important to have your scheduled service, oil change and filter done correctly with the proper Mercedes Benz approved parts and technicians.

Mercedes Benz engine oils and oil filters are specifically tested for their suitability and durability. Therefore, it is essential to only use MB 229.5 or use the higher grade MB229.51 oil.

If oil consumption should increase, bring the car to German Car Depot and we will determine the cause and make the corrective measures to fix the vehicle.

Fleece oil filters – Required for Mercedes vehicles. Paper filters will not filter down to 3.5 microns as needed for high-tech oiling systems which use very small oil passageways to control engine timing.

Mercedes oil specification – Many different weights are used depending upon the type of vehicle. In South Florida we use mostly 5-40 some high-performance engines use a 0-20 weight.

Gasoline engines must only use oils labeled MB 229.5 or use the higher grade MB229.51

Mercedes Benz Diesel BlueTEC requires MB229.51 specification oil. Low ash formulation is safe for Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

Conventional petroleum-based oils must not be used for modern Mercedes-Benz engines.

In addition to the services, we recommend that you check the following items regularly (for example: Bi weekly, when refueling, or before any long journey):

Engine oil level – Depending on the type of Mercedes Benz you have and how it is equipped, check the engine oil level using the oil level dipstick or the it will be displayed on the dash on the control system via the multifunction steering wheel/display.

Coolant level – Never remove the coolant reservoir cap when the engine is hot. Your coolant should not have to be filled unless you have a seeping hose or water coolant leak.

Brake fluid level – If brake fluid has to be added, see us to determine the cause, e.g. leaks or worn brake pads.

Windshield washing system – Add washer fluid mixed with windshield washer solvent/concentrate, test function and check wiper blades. If the washer fluid level drops below the minimum level, the washer fluid level warning light appears.

Lighting system – Check all running lights.

Tire condition and pressures – A visual check of your tire wear should be done often. Mercedes Benz tire Pressure Monitor system tracks your vehicle’s tire pressures and can warn you of pressure loss. At GCD we calibrate you TPM every oil change.

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