BMW Overheating Running Hot

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One of the most common problems you may experience with a BMW overheating or running hot are issues with the cooling fan motor,BMW Overheating Running Hot | German Car Depotfan control module, fan clutch, or condenser fan motor. This is caused by overheating your engine by running it past 3/4 on the temperature gauge (3/4 equals 220 degrees). If this happens, STOP and call a tow truck immediately! Do not try to make it to the next exit or gas station. Driving longer could completely ruin your engine.

The cost of a cooling fan runs anywhere between $150 and $475. The exact price depends on the exact year and model of your vehicle.


BMW Expansion Tank | German Car Depot

BMW Expansion Tank

The expansion tank which holds the coolant goes through hot and cold cycles and is continually under pressure. Frequently overheating or running your BMW hot causes the plastic tank to become weaker. The expansion tank cost varies between year and model of your BMW.

Coolant Hose Flanges, Plugs, and Seals

The coolant flange, like any part of the cooling system can corrode and fail over time. Make sure to inspect hoses, flanges, and seals every time you service the cooling system.

Coolant Thermostat

A BMW’s coolant thermostat regulates the temperature and allows the coolant to circulate when the engine has reached a predetermined temperature. It should close when the engine is cold to allow it to warm up faster. Thermostats can fail and should be inspected for corrosion when servicing the cooling system. If your BMW is overheating or running hot call us now.

BMW Water Pump Repair

Does your car overheat while sitting idle? It is possible you may need to replace your water pump. This means that water is leaking past the bearing and seals, indicating the pump needs to be replaced. Water pump repair costs vary from engine to engine. The vehicle needs to be inspected first in order to ensure some other issue is not causing the failure in the first place prior to the pump being replaced.

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