BMW Valve Cover Gaskets

Depending on your model, it takes 2 to 8 hours to replace BMW Valve Cover Gaskets. The cost to change the gaskets vary from BMW engine and model so it  always best to have German Car Depot inspect before quoting a price. Most of the time it is very important to replace the hardened or gooey softened rubber hoses that surround the leak. You could have seepage or leakage from a different part much less involved and could the cost of the repair could be less to repair. Sometimes a sensor is mistaken for a valve cover gasket leaking.


Oil Pan leaking

The oil pan gasket is the most over sold item sold in auto repair shops. Any leak from above could flow down cracks and crevices and will end up looking like a oil pan leak.
The utmost care must be used when diagnosing an oil pan gasket or seal. At German Car Depot we use low tech and very high tech ways to pin -point the leak.

The first thing  that we do is clean the affected area or the complete engine bay and dry it off.


In some cases we use baby power and sprinkle it around common the  areas that tend to leak . Many leaks can be confirmed this way. We also have a very sensitive Bore Scope just like surgeons  use to look inside your body, we can use it to see around and under covers. The last step is adding a safe oil dye and drive the car then take a black light and look for the glowing bright oil. Some of the smallest leaks can be found quickly this way.

At German Car Depot we are experts at finding oil leaks in a timely fashion and getting it fixed the first time.

If you have any questions regarding these important parts of your car, please ask you service adviser to further answer any issues you may have.

Ignition Coils

Has one or more of your original coils failed? A new coil will produce many years of reliable sparks. Important Note: although these coils are sold “each” they should be replaced as a full set.

Manual Transmission Fluid

Should be checked every time your car is on the lift. If we see a damp spot GCD will check the fluid level.


Auto Transmission Fluid

Your transmission can take a heck of a beating over the years and it is one of the most neglected service areas on a car. Automatic transmission fluid is a specialized oil optimized for the requirements of each BMW model of transmission. It assists in more than just the lubrication of the transmission but also the operation of the brake bands, torque converter and valves.

Engine Mounts

One of the most common parts to deteriorate on the BMW is the engine and transmission mounts.Most mounts contain Hydraulic fluid contained within the mounts can leak out and the rubber becomes very soft and loose. Some mounts are solid rubber and split in half, engine and transmission mounts perform a good job of isolating the drivetrain from the rest of the chassis.Worn motor and or transmission mounts can cause many problems because the drivetrain is no longer firmly held in its position. Did you know the most common radiator leaks are from the cooling hoses pulling on the coolant flanges and radiator. Many electric and wiring problems can be directly related to wires being pulled and stretched making poor connections with sensors and other accessories.

Fuel Pumps – Fuel pressure sensors

In BMW tolerances in fuel pressure in your system can be very tight. The fuels pump need to be able to send a certain volume of fuel at a certain pressure constantly. If you are having issues with the performance of your engine you may have a fuel pump or sensor going bad.

Shock Absorbers

Don’t be bottoming out or bouncing down the road because of old, tired shocks. Replace those old tired shocks with new ones from GCD.

Strut Mounts

Strut mounts are the link between the strut and your seat. Replace them with new to get the most out of your suspension.

Front Control Arm and Bushings

The control arm helps position the vertical center line of the wheel and allows for up and down movement of the wheel in relation to the vehicle’s body.

Symptoms of wear uneven or Failure

Suspension may make a squeaking and/or knocking noise when going over bumps and the vehicle may wander.

In many cases, the control arm must be replaced in order to replace the bushings. Replacing the control arm will affect the alignment’s settings.

Wheel Bearings

The wheel bearings and parts carry the weight of the vehicle as the hub spins around them. They work under extreme heat and stress

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