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BMW Oil Leaks Repair Service: Hollywood, FL


There are many locations where oil leaks can form. Some are easier and cheaper to repair than others, and some leaks form in more difficult places. The cost of repairing each type of oil is highly dependent on the amount of labor required. The good news is German Car Depot BMW only hires  Certified expert BMW technicians who work on BMWs like yours. It is rare that we have not seen the oil leak coming from even the hardest places to find and fix the problem the first time.

Here are some of the most common locations for BMW oil leaks:


A common problem for most BMW Engines is oil leaks. Gaskets, Metal warpage, or even plastic housings.  Can form in many different locations and can sometimes be hard to find. Although not usually an immediate threat, long-term negligence can allow for larger leaks to form. Should your engine lose enough oil, long-term internal damage will start to take place.

Running on low oil levels or driving with old oil can create metal parts to score or even fail between moving parts. The life of your engine needs to change your oil regularly and fix oil leaks as they are located.


Valve cover oil leaks are one of the most common leaks you will see on your BMW. These leaks can be problematic, as the oil tends to run down your engine block making a big mess. These leaks are generally easier to locate than most, and should be addressed immediately.


Oil pan gaskets are another common location for oil leaks to develop. This form of leak tends to be a bigger concern than valve cover leaks, as more oil is available to leak out of the block. Failing to fix your BMW’s oil pan gaskets can cause large amounts of oil to leak, preventing your engine block from being properly lubricated.


Head gasket leaks are often the most severe and complicated replacement. If you notice oil leaking from your head gaskets, contact German Car Depot and set up an appointment immediately. Long-term head gasket damage can lead to many problems, including loss of engine compression.


Main seals are a less common problem, but are more expensive to repair. This is a higher priority repair, as leaks here are often large. Fixing this leak early can prevent many long term problems. The mechanics at GCD have repaired many of these, and are highly qualified to fix your main seal leak.


The crank seal, or crankshaft seal, is another location to watch for oil leaks. Leaks here can also lead to large amounts of oil loss, which can cause costly repairs further down the road.


Locating oil leaks on your BMW can be a difficult task at times. Oil residue and build up around your engine block usually make following an oil trail difficult. From low tech methods like using your fingers, or following leaks with your eyes, to high tech methods such as using chemical dyes, German Car Deport can locate and repair your leaks.

If you have located leaks of any kind on your BMW, contact German Car Depot and it’s team of trained professionals today.