BMW Fuel Injection

The fuel injectors on your BMW are an important part of your engine which are responsible for making it run correctly. Unlike older vehicles which have a calibrator, injectors allow fuel to be directly injected in to the cylinder, allowing for better efficiency. As you might imagine, as these injectors start to get old they have to work harder to keep up and slowly start to function outside the desired performance level.

Replacing your fuel injectors can result in a large improvement in efficiency for your BMW, lowering the amount of fuel used during regular driving and saving you money in the long run. Your BMW fuel injection system can also be the cause of a few different symptoms causing bad engine performance.

Common Signs of Fuel Injection Problems

The most common sign that your BMW has a fuel injection problem is sluggish or delayed acceleration. This usually occurs when your fuel injectors are no longer running at peak efficiency. Here are some common fuel injection problems your BMW might be suffering from.

  • Sluggish/Delayed Acceleration
  • Inconsistent Idle
  • Pulsing of RPM’s While At a Constant Speed
  • Difficulty Starting
  • Engine Dying When Coming To a Stop

If your BMW shows any of these common fuel injection problems, you don’t have long before you will need repairs done. As soon as you start noticing any of these signs, contact German Car Depot and schedule an inspection with a professional technician. Each technician is highly trained and prepared to diagnose your BMW fuel injection repair.

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