BMW Clutch Service/Repair

If your BMW is a manual, you have probably noticed how smoothly it shifts compared to other manufacturers. The high performance transmission in your BMW is an intricate system which relies on a quality clutch for this smoothness. BMW clutch service/repair technicians here at German Car Depot are highly trained on servicing and repairing the clutch on your BMW, and are ready to answer any questions you have.

If you have already noticed that your clutch is no longer engaging properly or your acceleration doesn’t seem as smooth, it may be time to consider changing the clutch in your BMW.

Common Issues For Your BMW Clutch

One of the most recognizable issues for your BMW clutch is caused by general, every-day use. Each time you accelerate, you slowly break down the friction materials used in manufacturing the pads on your clutch. This loss in friction will cause your BMW’s clutch to slip while accelerating.

Sometimes oil contamination can become a problem should a technician not replace or check the oil, and allow contaminants in. Technicians at German Car Depot are highly aware of contamination while servicing any oil location, so make sure your technician is also careful.

  • Clutch Failure
  • Heat Soak
  • Friction Material Decay
  • Burning Smell
  • Oil Contamination

Signs of your BMW Clutch needing repair

Some of the early signs that your BMW might need a new clutch are slight grinding or humming noises while engaging and disengaging the clutch. You may also notice the power of your engine slipping while accelerating. Clutches that need to be replaced often product a burning smell, which tends to worsen when under a heavy load.

  • Noises or Grinding
  • Slipping during acceleration
  • Sticking or Dropping while engaging or disengaging
  • Burning Odor
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