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BMW Timing Belt Repair

Timing Chain Rails Tensioners | German Car Depot

The BMW timing chain rides on plastic guide rails and must have a plentiful flow of fresh clean oil to survive. Your timing chain should last 200,000 miles with proper care.To avoid needing a BMW Timing Chain Repair keep the proper approved 100% synthetic clean.

If the chain tensioner fails,the chain will be slack and the car might run, but poorly. It will also make clanking – ticking noise.

If the chain has jumped teeth as a result of the failed tensioner then you may have a big problem on your hands. All depends on how many teeth it jumped and if the valves hit any pistons.

10,000 mile BMW service times were implemented to keep BMW free Maintenance costs significantly decreased for the manufacturer BMW. The person owning the car after 4-5 years suffers. If you drive short trips German Car Depot feels that 10k is too long. 5-7K miles is a much safer choice.

Most people turn off the engine instantly. The oil that’s around the bearings of the turbocharger ceases flowing. The turbo is at a high temperature, and that oil essentially gets cooked. Some of it turns to solid carbon. Finally carbon that looks like hard charcoal will also often get stuck in extremely little nozzles that spray the oil on the timing chain to keep it lubricated.

To substantially prevent these issues change oil/filter every 7,500 miles, and idle the engine for a minute or 2 after a long run at highway speed.

BMW Timing Belt Replacement

BMW stopped using timing belts many years ago most modern BMW’s do not have timing belts.  The professional technicians at German Car Depot are trained to spot problems with your timing belt before major problems happen. GCD will check you car’s timing belt for signs of wear at every B service .