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Sounds That Could Mean your German Car Needs Brake Service

Regularly checking a car’s brakes to ensure that they are in proper, working order is important for everyone, but it is especially important for those who live in South Florida. Having to stop and go when I-95 or I-75 is backed up causes problems with the brake rotors. Some common signs of problematic brake rotors include strangely shaped brake pads and a shaking steering wheel, but by the time these signs present themselves, you’ve likely already done some damage to your brakes. This is why it’s important that, in addition to regularly having brake inspection done. German Car Depot we will inspect your brakes and make sure to note the thickness of the brake pads early in the pads life. German Car Depot will send you automated reminders including the thickness IE: Pad life before you run to low and score the brake rotors saving hundreds of dollars of unneeded cost to repair brake rotors and pads.

If you hear a squealing noise when you press down on the brake while going over 15 miles per hour, for example, this could be indicative of a wide range of problems. Potential issues include worn brake rotors, excess dust in the brake calipers bent damaged hubs.

Normal brakes can have a small amount of noise when pushed lightly at speeds under 15 miles per hour or just before coming to a stop.

Since it’s impossible for you to tell, on your own, what, exactly, the squealing represents, just assume it means something’s wrong and take your vehicle for a no charge brake inspection to South Florida’s leading German Car Brake experts at German Car Depot we take stopping seriously.

Sometimes, brakes may make an unpleasant scraping sound. This frequently occurs when you’re traveling along at lower speeds and is thus easier to hear than certain other types of brake noise. Usually, a slight that scraping sound means that you have dust buildup in and around your brake pads and brake calipers. When having your car washed make sure they spray water in your brakes threw your wheels . This helps keep build up from accruing.

It could also indicate an issue with the wheel bearings. Scraping sounds are some of the most sounds you can hear, since they can often indicate brakes that are near failure. If you ignore the problem for too long, you could find yourself unable to stop when you need to, which can obviously be dangerous. If you hear a scraping sound, do not delay in seeking brake service for your vehicle.

You may also notice a rattling noise. Rattling sounds may or may not be something to be concerned about; it really depends on when you hear these sounds. If you hear that rattling sound when you let off the pedal, don’t panic; this is normal. If the rattling noise occurs while you’ve got your foot on the pedal, however, a problem could exist. Of course, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you’re unsure about when the rattling sound is occurring or about whether or not it could indicate a problem, take your vehicle in for brake service.

In fact, anytime you hear a strange noise—whether it’s emanating from the brakes or anywhere else in your vehicle—it’s best to see GCD. New sounds don’t start happening without reason, and that reason is usually a potential low cost preventable proactive brake inspections yearly.

When you bring your vehicle in for service at German Car Depot, we do our best to remove any doubts, fears, or stress around the trust factor. Let’s face it when you see bait and switch $99 brake jobs they are just that cheap prices to get you in the door. Then the salesman go to work on your fears and upsell you to a very expensive brake job with many parts that are not needed. At German Car Depot we are here to serve you not sell you.

Our goal is to educate you and answer any questions you have about servicing and caring for your German car. We look forward to the opportunity to earn a lifetime of your and all your friends business.

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