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Factory Recommended Services – How Important Are They?

One of the perks of being a driver is getting to experience the thrill of cruising through with a good-sounding engine and getting that smooth and safe ride in your car. This comes at an extra degree of responsibility in keeping this optimal performance. More often than not, car owners rush to get a quick fix of their vehicle insurance, have their routine belt inspection done and tire checkups neglecting regular oil changes and service. Auto repair shops frequently flash a list of industry-recommended services you need to get done on your car, just as enlisted on your car manual.

Factory Recommended Services

Cars are manufactured with a certain operating point denoting optimum performance. At each milestone, different set maintenance services are done as different components wear at different rates. With this in mind, they provide a schedule with intervals of maintenance that owners ought to follow for peak performance and perfect operating conditions. The industry provided intervals of maintenance are:

  • 30,000 miles (Typically two years) – Engine air filter, cabin filter, oil change.
  • 60,000 miles (Typically five years) – Same as 30,000 and transmission fluid change.
  • 100,000 miles (Typically ten years) – Same as the 30k and 60k maintenance, plus spark plug replacement, water pump replacement, differential fluid change, and transfer case fluid replacement.

Depending on what type of driving you do, you may need two types of maintenance services. Severe duty maintenance is for off-roaders while Normal duty is for drivers who don’t go past 12,000 miles in a year.

Why is it important

Doing regular maintenance saves you a lot of money in repair. Repairs cost much more than maintenance. It also comes a long way in giving you better mileage as your car is operating optimally. Oil change, tire rotation maintenance, and correct tire pressure give better gas mileage in the long run. Maintenance also adversely increases the lifespan of your engine; an optimally performing engine lasts longer.

Generally, factory-recommended services ensure a reliable and safe and keeps your car in tip-top shape. In need of maintenance today, come to our auto repair shop for the best maintenance services.