BMW Scheduled Maintenance

BMW Scheduled Maintenance is vital for good performance of your BMW, especially here in South Florida. Servicing your BMW during the factory scheduled recommendations will ensure your vehicle stays in good shape. Many common problems can prevented or fixed during the scheduled maintenance process. The professional technicians at German Car Depot are highly trained in the service procedures for your BMW, and will guarantee the absolute best service.

There are 3 service categories that your BMW is scheduled for, each occurring at different mileages. Each scheduled maintenance category focuses on key points that are important for your BMW, and generally relate to performance and safety.

BMW Oil and Safety Service Maintenance

This is the most frequent service your BMW will go through. It’s recommended for most BMW’s to be serviced between 3K-10K miles depending on your model. Newer BMW’s will indicate the interval for this service on the gauge cluster, but this information can also be found in the owners manual for your model.

This BMW factory scheduled maintenance service focuses on general engine performance and safety. The most obvious service for your BMW is an Oil and Filter Service, which replaces your oil and installs a new BMW oil filter. The next step is checking important performance and safety locations.

Our Technicians will inspect your BMW in key locations such as:

  • Brake System
  • Suspension System
  • Steering System
  • Engine Coolant
  • Wiper Fluid
  • Head Lights and Indicator Lights
  • Tire Wear and Pressure
  • Check Engine Codes(If Any)

BMW Inspection 1 (Inspection I)

The next important BMW factory scheduled maintenance step is the Inspection 1.This is often called the Minor Service, and is a small servicing for your vehicle.

For 1986-1998 model BMW’s the scheduled is at:

  • 20K Miles
  • 60K Miles
  • 100K Miles

For models made on or after 1999 the schedule calls for :

  • 30K miles
  • 90K miles
  • 150K miles

BMW Inspection 2 (Inspection II)

The next BMW factory scheduled maintenance is the Inspection 2. This is often called the Major Service, and is a Larger servicing for your vehicle.

For 1986-1998 model BMW’s the scheduled is at:

  • 40K
  • 80K
  • 120K

For models made on or after 1999 the schedule calls for :

  • 60K miles
  • 120K miles
  • 180K miles
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