BMW Automatic Transmission Repair

Your BMW automatic transmission is one of the most important mechanisms and can be expensive to replace or repair. This is why German Car Depot recommends you maintain your transmission with regular fluid checks and replacement.
Should you already have something wrong with your BMW’s automatic transmission, you should have it looked at and repaired right away. The technicians at German Car Depot are trained to diagnose and repair all potentials transmission issues.
Do you hear a sound coming from your BMW automatic transmission? Does it feel like it’s shifting weird? Talk with a professional at GCD and have it looked at right away. Fixing small problems will prevent many big ones, possibly preventing a future replacement.

BMW Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter
Every time you drive your BMW, you are slowly breaking down your transmission fluid and dirtying it’s filter. It’s recommended that you replace your transmission fluid and filter between 50K and 75K miles.
Your BMW’s automatic transmission is a crazy combination of gears and electrical components. Each moving piece needs to be lubricated with clean transmission fluid to perform efficiently. While replacing the fluid and filter, our technicians check fluid samples and visually inspect your transmission. They check for metal shavings or visible damage which could indicate a bigger problem.
This visual inspection is important and should be performed on each BMW automatic transmission repair or servicing. When you bring your BMW to German Car Depot, you can rest easy knowing every transmission service gets free visual inspections.

BMW Lifetime Fluids
Although some newer models come from the factory with lifetime fluids, they aren’t really lifetime, but are able to last up to 100K miles. It is recommended you change these fluids before that, regardless of how clean they appear.
Although more expensive, these synthetic fluids still break down and can cause build up and increase the amount of friction. If you have purchased a newer model that is used, it’s also recommended that you change your transmission fluid, along with your oil and filter.
If your transmission is having difficulty shifting, or starts making any form of noise, have one of our technicians check it, and replace the fluids and filter.

Common Signs of Transmission Problems
Your BMW automatic has many important moving parts that are required to work flawlessly to provide a smooth and consistent shift. Often times, smaller problems can arise that should be fixed, or they can cause bigger problems.
Here are some common signs to look and listen for:

  • Noises (Creeks, Grinds, or Pops)
  • Unusual Vibrations
  • Difficulty Automatically Shifting
  • Improper Shifting Times
  • Difficulty Shifting From Park to Reverse
  • Difficulty Shifting From Reverse to Drive

Fixing small problems before they cause bigger malfunctions can save you a lot of money. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact German Car Depot about your BMW automatic transmission repair and service.

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