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If you would like your A/C to keep you cool, you need to keep it maintained. Your BMW Air Conditioning system is a complicated setup. Keeping it maintained will increase its life span, but requires a professional technician with special tools and training. The team members at German Car Depot are professionally trained for all your BMW Air Conditioning Repair and maintenance needs. Some of the A/C services and repairs that we offer are:

  • AC Tune Up / Recharge
  • Leak Detection – Repair
  • Electronic Climate Control Systems
  • Faulty Cooling Fans
  • Electrical, Sensors – Pressure Switch
  • New AC Compressor

Every technician at German Car Depot is proficiently trained in each of these services and repairs. They utilize the latest information and top of the line specialty tools to get the job done, the first time.

Don’t lose your A/C when you need it most. Air conditioning units tend to go unused through the cooler months of the year, only to be turned on the first hot day. This is the most vulnerable time for any type of A/C unit. Having your A/C serviced before its first use of the summer will guarantee cold air on that hot day.

Here are some of the most common BMW A/C System Repairs and Maintenance points:


These vital components to your BMW climate control system are often the most expensive parts to replace. Your evaporator is in charge of turning the cooling chemical into a usable gas, while the condenser brings it back to liquid for cooling. The compressor creates pressure in the system, allowing everything to work together to keep your car cool. Servicing these components will increase their lifespan and to prevent costly repairs.


The compressor in your BMW A/C system builds positive pressure within the system in order to operate properly. It’s important to control these pressures. Too little pressure and you get no cold air. Too much pressure and your compressor gets destroyed. There is a high and low side to these pressures. The low side being around 35-45 PSI, high side around 185-230 PSI. Ask our team about checking your freon and condensing fan motors the next time you’re in!


In order to keep your BMW cool on hot days, you need a full supply of refrigerant. If your A/C isn’t cooling well, more than likely your refrigerant levels are low. Let our experts at German Car Depot check your levels. Keeping your refrigerant full will optimize efficiency, keeping you cooler and saving gas. Low refrigerant levels can also be a sign of leakage. If the A/C in your BMW isn’t cold, have the system checked for leaks before filling.


The fans on your BMW A/C system are in charge of pulling hot air out of the liquid used to cool your car. As part of our maintenance, the German Car Depot technicians look over these fans, checking for cracks or damage. You should replace your fans should cracks or damage be found.


Part of the A/C climate control in your BMW consists of A/C hoses and valves. Hoses transfer your refrigerant – freon to necessary locations, while valves open and close to regulate movement. Cracks or damage to these components can easily cause leakage, lowering or stopping your systems efficiency. Our technicians at German Car Depot are trained to notice these kinds of damages, and will make recommendations should they be found.

Now that you know the common BMW A/C Components, you can better plan your maintenance. If you run your A/C constantly it’s important to have it serviced before going out. Maintenance and repairs are often more affordable to have done before they are a bigger problem.


It is not uncommon for your BMW A/C system to make noises. While your A/C Clutch system switches on and off during cooling, it can make a slight popping noise. It is important however to have this inspected should it make a loud noise, or a constant noise. It is also possible for your A/C Idler Pulley to make noise when the bearings are going out. This is an easy fix when caught early, but can cause bigger problems should it malfunction or lock up. Always listen to your car, it will usually tell your when something’s not working properly.

Here is a list of common replacement parts for your BMW Climate Control System.

A/C Compressor, A/C Condenser, A/C Expansion Valve, A/C Clutch

A/C Control Unit, A/C Evaporator, A/C Idler Pulley, A/C Pressure Switch, A/C Receiver Drier

If your BMW needs Air Conditioner servicing or repairs, bring it down to German CareDepot. Your car will be in the hands of a professional team with over 70 years combined experience, looking forward to meet all your BMW’s needs.