These Habits Bring Major Damage to Your Vehicle

Many of us have our fair share of bad habits, especially when it comes to driving. We see drivers unconsciously shortening the lives of their vehicles every day. However, we want you to know that it is not too late to turn these habits around. Here are some of the worst practices that you could do to your car.


Going too Long Between Oil Changes

Engine oil helps protect our car and waiting too long to get it changed asks for trouble. Your oil's primary job is to cool and lubricate the engine. Over time, your oil may get very dirty, and it will no longer perform these functions well. Running out of oil mid-drive can quickly leave you broken down in the middle of the road. Please make sure you know your vehicle's service intervals and get your oil replaced before your engine acquires further damage.


Letting Your Gas Tank Run to Empty

The temptation to ignore low gas levels is common for many individuals. We dread both the time and money to fill up. Unfortunately, letting your gas level get too low can harm your car in the long term. Over time, sediment can sit and collect at the bottom of your fuel tank. And when you let it get too low, your fuel injection system starts draining from the bottom of your tank and picks up those harmful sediments. The debris can destroy the inside of your fuel system and engine.


Not Using Your Parking Brake or E-Brake

Because the parking brake is also known as the emergency brake, many people are under the impression that it is onlyusable in dire situations. When you park without engaging the parking brake, the weight of your vehicle rests on only the parking pawl. The parking pawl, a piece of your transmission, is very beneficial, but it is not made to hold your vehicle in place on varying inclines. Using the parking brake every time you turn off your car's ignition, even if you aren't parked on a hill, will preserve your car's transmission. 


Ignoring Subtle Warnings 

If you begin hearing unusual noises, smelling odd smells, or feeling a difference in your car's handling, don't take it lightly. Those things can be a significant warning sign to get your car repaired ASAP. It would be best if you communicated unusual symptoms that you're experiencing to a trusted automotive technician. 


At German Car Depot, our team can assess any issues and recommend a course of action to prevent further damage to your vehicle. Simple preventive maintenance could prevent you from a dramatic car breakdown. Give us a call or visit today!

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