5 Signs That Indicate You Need a Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignments are crucial services to keep your wheels pointing in the right direction. Over time, your wheels can alter their direction and you’ll need a wheel alignment service as a result. If you're experiencing any of the five warning signs below, please head on over to German Car Depot for quality wheel alignments.

Sign #1: Steering Wheel Not Centered

If your steering wheel appears crooked or does not return to the center after you turn, there’s a good chance your wheels are misaligned. If this problem persists, please bring your car to German Car Depot for a wheel alignment service.

Sign #2: Quick Tire Wear

If your tires are wearing down faster than normal, it can be due to various things. One of them could be due to misalignment.

Sign #3: Vehicle Pulling to One Side

If your car starts pulling left or right when you're trying to go straight, it could be a sign that the alignment is off. This can be very dangerous, as you’ve lost some control of your handling. To avoid getting into an accident, please have your alignment fixed soon.

Sign #4: Wheels Making Odd Noises

If you start to hear unusual noises coming from your wheels, it could be a sign that your wheel’s alignment is uneven. Some drivers describe this symptom as a light humming, whereas some say it is more of a loud grinding. Any strange sounds should solicit you to come into a trusted repair shop for help.

Sign #5: Steering Feels Loose

If the steerability of your automobile feels loose or sloppy, it could mean that you need a wheel alignment service. Again, this is very dangerous, so please come in for an inspection promptly.


At German Car Depot, we use top-of-the-line alignment machines to ensure your vehicle is safe. If you need a wheel alignment, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop in Hollywood, FL, today.

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