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5 Signs Of A Coolant Leak In Bmw’s

BMW is a luxury vehicle whose brand is based on efficiency and reliability. While BMW’s are durable, they can develop mechanical issues over time. Despite being well made, they can encounter similar problems as other vehicles occasionally.

One common issue seen in BMW’s is coolant leaks.

Coolant is one of many essential fluids your vehicle needs to perform optimally. Healthy coolant is vital for BMWs top performance, and if a leak develops, it can have a significant impact that can cause costly engine damage. Below are three ways low coolant can impact your vehicle and how you can avoid them in the future.

Your BMW has fast-moving metal parts that generate a lot of heat, making the engines internal temperature too high. The cooling system serves the critical function of regulating the engine’s hot temperatures. The cooling system comprises several components, such as the radiator, water pump, coolant, and water. If a leak is developed within the cooling, it can also impact the engine, causing it to fail. While cooling system leaks can be common, their symptoms are similar to other major vehicle problems, so it’s important to have your vehicle inspected if you notice any issues.

If there’s a coolant leak, you may notice:

  • Leaked coolant under your vehicle. 
  • Coolant can leak into the engine oil, comprising its quality and effectiveness.
  • Your vehicle starts to get poor gas mileage. 
  • There’s a sweet aroma coming from under the hood. 
  • Your engine has started to overheat. 

Coolant leaks are serious, but they are also preventable.

Staying on top of routine maintenance, such as coolant flushes and top-offs, can maintain your vehicle’s overall health. Scheduled maintenance is also an opportunity to have the cooling system thoroughly inspected by an automotive expert. Keep extra coolant in the truck just in case a leak occurs while you’re on your drive. If the coolant gets too low, extra coolant will allow you to top it off just enough to get you to the next destination. And lastly, pay attention to the temperature gauge on the dashboard. If the temperature is running high, make a note of it and pull over if you need to. Do not continue to drive your vehicle if the temperature is reading in the red. Your engine can overheat and become severely damaged. 

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