VW Repair: High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP)

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VW Repair: High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP), cam follower and cam

In your VW engine, the high pressure fuel pump takes the fuel delivered from the low pressure fuel pump and sprays the highly pressurized fuel into the combustion chamber. This process is assisted by the camshaft which uses lobes, or cams, to press against the valves to open as the shaft spins. The cams are held in place by cam followers, or track followers as they are also known.

A failure of the high pressure fuel pump (HPFP) to deliver pressurized fuel will cause the engine to stop running. This failure may be due to a breakdown of any number of parts in the system. If you are the owner of a VW and get a check engine light reading this may be an indication of a failure in the HPFP caused by a cam or cam follower issue. Even if no such signal is conveyed, if you start noticing that the acceleration of your vehicle has become labored or the engine seems to cut out when you press the gas pedal, these are also signs of a possible issue with the camshaft.

Many times, problems with the camshaft do not occur with the actual parts themselves, but for other reasons. Using the incorrect lubricant can cause problems with the camshaft. High spring pressure in the injectors or a worn distributor gear can also cause cam failure. Of course, sometimes the cam and cam follower do need replacing.

Failure to keep up with the proper maintenance of your VW’s HPFP and all its parts, will eventually result in engine failure. You will likely encounter frequent stalling and poor idling as a result. This could be due to another problem with the engine, of course. An engine could fail due to overheating or lack of lubrication. Detonation or spark knock could also be the problem. If you are unsure of the cause of your engine trouble, you should have it checked out by a mechanic.

When you bring your VW in for inspection by a professional mechanic, they will run some diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the problem. If any parts of the cam shaft need replacing they will do that and also check the camshaft sensors to make sure they are operating correctly. It is also recommended that you have your camshaft and HPFP inspected as a part of your regular tune-up. There’s no reason to wait until after a problem develops. Mechanical parts do wear out and while you should expect the cam and cam followers to be fully operational for up to 80,000 miles on new vehicles, some can wear out more quickly. Preventative maintenance is always advised no matter what kind of car you drive.

If you suspect that your VW is having issues related to the high pressure fuel pump or with the camshaft specifically, you should bring it into a local VW technician like the German Car Depot. The German Car Depot is one of the most trusted VW repair specialists close to Miami. We are located in Hollywood Florida, and our professional VW repair mechanics will fix your car quickly, and likely cheaper than a dealership. Contact us today and see the difference an independent service center can make.

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