Oil Consumption in my VW

Many Volkswagen owners, especially those with vehicles that have a 2.0 Liter engine, have complained about excessive oil consumption. If you are the owner of a VW and suspect that your car may be burning through oil at a faster than normal rate, then there are a few things you can do to confirm this suspicion. If you have noticed oil spots starting to accumulate in your driveway, this could be a telltale sign.

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If you are having this issue with your vehicle, you are not alone and there are a few possible reasons for it. If the low oil light is coming on frequently, one possible cause could be a faulty reading being sent from the low oil sender to the gauge. Another reason could be that the oil pump’s regulator valve is shot. There could also be a clog in the pump somewhere. An old oil filter or bad driveshaft may also be contributing to the problem.

German made cars like VWs do have somewhat of a bad reputation for burning a lot of oil. VWs with 2-liter turbocharged engines seem to consume a lot of oil but there may be other contributing factors to this as well. With the use of more synthetic oils, cars are getting a lot more miles in between oil changes. This could give the false impression that more oil is being burned because drivers need to replace the oil more time in between scheduled oil changes. What is different is the length of time between oil changes and not the frequency of oil refills. Drivers that do a lot of city driving where they are continually stopping at red lights then accelerating, will burn off more oil than drivers who rack up most of their miles on long stretches of open road.

If you suspect that your VW is burning off too much oil, there are a few things you can do to verify this. First, have someone stand behind the car while you accelerate from a stopped position. They should be watching the tailpipe for any sign of dark or blue smoke. You may have already noticed oil stains in your driveway, but try placing pieces of cardboard under the car while it is parked over night to see if you can determine the exact source of the leak. A low oil light that goes on frequently is also a pretty obvious indicator of higher oil consumption.

A professional mechanic will be able to tell if your VW is burning through more oil than normal. One possible remedy would be to exchange the crankcase pressure regulating valve or perhaps the front crankshaft seal will need replacing.

If your VW is having a problem with excessive oil consumption, contact us at the German Car Depot. We are a trusted VW service provider located in Hollywood, near Miami and Aventura. We will give you an honest estimate, and repair your car with the same professionalism as a dealership, but at a far lower price. Contact us today.

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