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A diverter value is a type of blow-off valve that is a part of the pressure release system found in many turbocharged engines. The job of the diverter valve is to help take the pressure of the compressor. By both venting the compressed air out of the engine and recirculating the air into the compressor inlet, the DV can help prevent surge loading. This relief will help reduce the wear on both the turbocharger and the engine itself. A turbocharged engine is one that uses a forced induction device to increase engine power. Turbochargers force more air and fuel into the combustion chamber giving the engine a boost of power.

One issue that some drivers of VWs with turbocharged engines have encountered concerns the diverter value. In early models, the diverter valve had a reputation of failing quite easily. While there have been vast improvements in the design to make this occurrence a little less likely, it can happen just as it can happen to any vehicle with a turbocharged engine. Some diverter valves consist of a rubber diaphragm that can tear. The purpose of the diaphragm is to hold back air, so when this loss of pressure is experienced, the result can cause the engine to underperform. Some engines contain piston style diverters which are more reliable. If you suspect that your VW engine is underperforming, and has lost a bit of its old boost, a ruptured diverter value may be the culprit.

Certainly a loss of engine power does not automatically point to the diverter value as the culprit. The issue could be a result of a failure of the camshaft or the high-pressure fuel pump in general. A bad or dirty air filter or faulty spark plugs could also be at fault. There are many mitigating factors that may be causing your engine to underperform which is precisely the reason why it is necessary to have your engine checked out by a mechanic. A trained mechanic will know what to look for specifically. If the problem is in fact a blown or worn out diverter valve, the part itself is not that expensive, so the repair shouldn’t be too expensive either. Not addressing engine issues and letting engine problems get worse is when things really start getting pricey.

If your VW’s engine is underperforming then you will likely see a drop in boost from the turbocharger which will mean less MPGs on the road. Consequently, you will be spending a lot more money putting gas in the tank. If you have a broken or faulty diverter valve it should be replaced to maximize fuel efficiency and engine performance. A little maintenance now will save you money down the road.

If you are having mechanical issues with the diverter valve on your Volkswagen with a turbocharged engine and are in need of repair in Golden Beach, Aventura, Hollywood, or other surrounding areas of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, then you would be well advised to take your car in to the German Car Depot.

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