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The use of turbochargers on automobiles has been a successful way to give engines more power without taking up a lot of space under the hood. Turbocharging not only provides a boost of power to the engine, it can also help the engine perform more efficiently which can certainly pay off at the gas pump. One component of a turbocharged engine is the diverter valve. The DV helps take pressure off of the engine compressor by channeling compressed air out of the car and be redirecting the air into the compressor inlet. With this blow off valve in place, less strain is put on the engine allowing it to last longer and be more efficient.

If you are the owner of an Audi with a turbocharged engine and you have experienced a noticeable loss in the boost you get from your engine, it could be due to a problem with the diverter valve. The stock diverter valves in Audis have been know to tear easily although improvements have been made. When the rubber diaphragm is compromised and tears it will then allow air to pass through resulting in a loss of pressure. When there is a loss of pressure there is a decrease in the performance of the turbocharger and of the engine itself. A turbo engine with a piston-style diverter would not experience any tearing and may fail for some other reason.

There are many different reasons why a car’s engine may seem to be slowing down or underperforming. An auto mechanic will be your best option for determining the exact cause. It could be because of a bad fuel mix due to a clogged air intake; the piston rings could be worn; the intake or exhaust valves may not be sealing correctly; or the spark plugs may be worn out. A mechanic will be able to run a complete diagnostic check on the engine to determine the cause. It is always a good idea to have any problem with the engine checked out before it turns into something major. Having a bad diverter valve replaced on your Audi is not likely to be an expensive fix, but failing to address the issue may be.

By replacing any faulty blow off valves in your Audi’s turbocharged engine, you will be ensuring the smoother and more efficient operation of the vehicle. A car that runs better is more fuel efficient, so by addressing this issue you will be saving money filling up the tank. Having the DV replaced or repaired will certainly save you money in the long run.

If you suspect that the cause of your Audi engine’s lack of power is due to a torn diverter valve, then you would be well advised to take your car in to German Car Depot. German Car Depot will be able to give you an estimate for repair at a fair price and can perform the repair in less time than a dealership. We are located in Hollywood, FL, and serve all of the Miami and Aventura area.

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