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Your BMW houses an array of ultra high tech computers and sensors which are vital to your vehicle's performance. From the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to simple climate sensors, each computer plays a separate role. Some of the most important of those roles are checking important locations and making adjustments. BMW Computerized Diagnostics is the heart of your car.

When your BMW is experiencing an electronic problem, you need a very specialized computerized diagnostics system to locate the problem. Here at German Car Depot our technicians are highly trained in performing computer diagnostics on your BMW. Don't spend thousands fixing the wrong problem. Let our technicians solve your problem right the first time.

Electronic Control Units in Your BMW

With technology developing to the point it has, there are now more computers in your BMW than ever before. Each one has a very specific job. Most of these electronics are vital to the performance of your BMW and should be addressed as soon as problems arise.

Here are some systems which are controlled by your BMW's Electronic Control Units:

  • Engine
  • Airbag
  • ABS
  • Transmission
  • Alarm
  • Central electronics
  • Heating & A/C

Electronic systems can be fairly complicated to diagnose and repair and requires a highly trained professional. If not done properly, a repair job to your electrical system could actually cause more damage. The technicians at German Car Depot have done many electrical repairs, and have the experience to solve even the toughest problems.

German Car Depot always has the latest BMW software and diagnostic systems which are updated on a daily basis. Call us today and schedule an appointment.