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Do you own a Audi or VW 2.0 TDI diesel vehicle? Volkswagen has not been honest about your emissions. You may be entitled to compensation under consumer laws.

Schlesinger Lawis investigating and filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen and Audi for allegedly sidestepping emissions rules and cheating on pollution tests in violation of state & federal laws meant to protect consumers’ rights. Federal and California environmental regulators have accused Volkswagen and Audi of using software to cheat emissions standards in its TDI so called clean diesel Audi and Volkswagen automobiles years 2009-2015. VW Audi TDI Lawyer Fort Lauderdale

Reports state that the automaker will be forced to recall all affected diesel vehicles, including Jetta (model years 2009 – 2015,) Beetle (model years 2009 – 2015,) Audi A3 (model years 2009 – 2015,) Golf (model years 2009 – 2015) and Passat (model years 2014-2015.)

Defeat Device

Volkswagen admitted it sold 2009-2015 diesel Volkswagen and Audi cars with software that turns on full pollution controls only when the car is undergoing official emissions testing, the EPA said, calling the algorithm a “defeat device.” During normal driving, the cars pollute 10 to 40 times the legal limits, the agency estimated.

While Volkswagen tells consumers that its diesel cars meet California emissions standards, vehicle owners are duped into paying for vehicles that do not meet this standard and unknowingly pay more for quality they never receive. Volkswagen’s emissions-cheating software also creates a public health risk by allowing higher than legal levels of emissions into the air at an alarming rate.

This potential fraud by Volkswagen, which causes harm to consumers and the environment, is currently being investigated by Schlesinger Law Firm’s legal team in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If you own one of the vehicles listed above, CONTACT SchlesingerLaw.com or call 954-467-8877

The Law Offices of Sheldon J. Schlesinger have no financial affiliation with German Car Depot. However, I have personally known the Schlesinger family for over 40 years and witnessed partial justice for my friends and family totaling many millions of dollars. When Schlesinger talks, big companies listen, especially when they have paid out billions of dollars because of the hard work of the team at Schlesinger.

Mr. Sheldon Schlesinger has made many companies think first before building cheap, unsafe products and we are safer today because of it.

Ever hear about the Ford Pinto fireball? The first $100 million suit against Toyota for an unsafe fuel system? The Oldsmobile Wagon that caught on fire and killed a family in Hollywood, FL because the company skimped on a shield that cost just a few dollars? How about operating rooms counting surgical instruments after a surgery? You most likely have, all because Attorney Sheldon Schlesinger woke them up and made sure changes were made to improve safety.

The most important thing you can do is to send a message. We the people will not stand for corporations making excessive profits over irresponsible safety decisions .

Scott Schlesinger is an avid outdoors-man who holds environmental issues high on his list of values. I can tell you from personal experience he has used his own time and money without public awareness to help solve issues from saving sea turtles to protecting wilderness from being overdeveloped.

Scott and Gregg Schlesinger have owned VW’s and understand the bond and trust the brand represents.

I feel we have all been let down by this potential fraud by Volkswagen.

If you are looking to send a message to Volkswagen Group, the 2nd largest automaker in the world, using The Law Offices of Sheldon J. Schlesinger is the right choice.

Alan Ollie Gelfand

Owner, German Car Depot


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