Preventable Electrical Problems in Audi

Audi develops some of the most technologically advanced automobiles in the industry, and with so much state-of-the-art features there will inevitably be some small problems. Audi electrical service electrical problems VW – volkswagen Some common problems are due to mechanical errors, but many are due to environmental exposure or human error. Here are two frequent causes of electrical problems in Audi that you can prevent:

MMI Unit Spills: Depending on the model of Audi you drive, the MMI unit, or Multi Media Interface, controls many of the features in the car such as sound system, media system, climate control, cameras, parking sensors, and more. The MMI unit is located in the middle console for easy access. Unfortunately, this location is also dangerously close to the cup holder. Many electrical problems have arisen from drivers accidentally spilling drinks on the MMI unit. You can obviously prevent spills and possible MMI damage by using leak-proof cups or a different cup holder. Even if you have never spilled an entire drink on the MMI, prolonged exposure to small drips and drops can have the same effect.

Rainwater in the Plenum Tray: The plenum tray is at the base of the windshield in most models of Audi. It helps protect the engine and other components from rainwater, snow and ice. Overtime, the drains on this tray can get clogged by leaves or other debris. Water then accumulates in the tray and can possibly leak into the engine, the cabin, and a variety of electrical components. Be sure to check this tray and drains periodically and remove any debris. Or, be sure to tell the attendant to pay extra attention to the tray on your next visit to the car wash.

If you do experience any electrical problems, be sure to contact us at German Car Depot for a complete diagnosis and professional repairs.


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