Dipped Headlight Problems in Audi A4

Audi utilizes xenon headlights for a variety of their models, including their popular A4. These xenon lights look very similar to conventional halogen bulbs, but they last longer and produce a much brighter light. These high-intensity lights have been the subject of many complaints by Audi A4 owners, who have labelled it the Dipped Headlight problem.

The Dipped Headlight problem essentially is the low-beam in the xenon headlight burning out early, or flickering on and off, or dipping to shine on the pavement. The quickest and cheapest solution is to replace the bulb, but even after that the problem persists and some owners continue to see the “headlight bulb out” message on their dashboard.

Aside from a bad bulb, there are a number of other possible causes. These include a faulty headlight sensor in the front wheel well, worn or faulty ballasts, a broken auto leveling sensor (especially if you have recently hit any large potholes or other bumps), or headlight swiveling module. All of these require expert attention from trained mechanics. They will be able to read the error codes from your vehicle’s computer and pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

As noted, this problem has been experienced most prevalently by A4 owners, but also by people driving the 2002-2008 Audi S4 or RS4. If you have experienced this problem, contacts us at German Car Depot and schedule an appointment today. Our technicians are trained specifically to work on Audi and VW vehicles, so we will give you the same great service as a dealership, but often at a much lower price.


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