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Mini Cooper brake systems have come a long way over the years, with improvements made to make driving as safe as possible. All modern Mini Coopers come with an anti-lock braking system, designed to prevent skidding and retain traction on the road surface while the car is braking. The system operates through the use of hydraulic valves, which reduce the amount of brake pressure being applied to a wheel if it’s locking up.


ABS sensors are found on every wheel of the Mini. These sensors determine the speed of the wheels and the information is then relayed to the ABS so that hydraulic pressure can be applied when necessary.

The sensors are also used for speedometer readings, traction control, stability control, and other components – so if the sensor fails then it isn’t just the ABS that is affected.

Due to the positioning of the sensors, it’s not uncommon for them to collect dirt from the road, which can limit or cease their function. If this is the case then it’s best to first have them cleaned, rather than opting for a full replacement. If any damage is ignored then the cost to repair could increase.


The main sign that there are problems with the Mini ABS is the corresponding warning light that will appear on your dashboard. If the ABS has failed then you might notice the car’s traction and stability on the road is reduced.

Another symptom of failure is when the speedometer stops working. This will also be signaled by the Check Engine Light appearing as ABS is linked to multiple components within the vehicle.

The components of Mini Cooper ABS that are susceptible to failure are:

  • Pressure sensor: detects wheel speed and prone to heat, vibration and dirt
  • Relay: flows the electrical signal commands through the ABS
  • Control module: reads the speed data and distributes pressure to the wheels to prevent skidding


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