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How To Handle Vehicle Breakdown In Easy Steps?

You will likely deal with a breakdown at some point in your life or your car’s life. Many drivers find themselves stranded due to a dead battery, flat tire, or overheating. And once these catastrophes occur, people often freak out and panic (which is NOT what you want to do as it can worsen the situation). To help you stay safe in unexpected times, here are five crucial steps that every driver should take when they experience a breakdown:

  1. Find a safe location to pull over – If your vehicle shows signs of a breakdown, the first step you should do is find a safe place to pull your car away from traffic. If it is too late, see if you can get someone to lend a hand by pushing your vehicle to a safe spot.
  2. Engage the emergency brake – Once you’ve relocated to a safer zone, turn the car’s wheels away from the road and apply your e-brake to stop your vehicle from rolling.
  3. Turn on hazards – Your hazard lights are there to warn other drivers that something is wrong. It may also be a signal for help. Once you turn them on, you can do some digging of your own to figure out the problem.
  4. Sometimes, it’s safer to remain seated in your vehicle – If your car is parked along a busy highway, it may be better off to stay where you are and call for help.
  5. Call for roadside assistance or a tow – Sometimes, a breakdown will inevitably require additional help. You can also contact the closest police station if your situation is dire. 

Once roadside assistance reaches you, you can have your vehicle taken to a trusted auto repair shop. If you’re looking for German vehicle experts, look no further than our auto repair shop in Hollywood, FL. We invite you to call or visit German Car Depot today.