Do I Need A Tire Balance Or A Wheel Alignment?

Like many drivers, you probably never think about the difference between a tire balance and a wheel alignment. Both services are essential to maintaining your vehicle’s performance and extending the life of your tires. It’s important that wheel alignment and tire balancing are included in your car’s regular maintenance schedule, and that you recognize the … Read more

Why Is My Mini Cooper Idling So Rough?

If you’re looking for a vehicle that is compact and fun to drive, Mini Coopers are pretty hard to beat. These vehicles are small but pack a powerful engine. They can speed fast and make turns like they’re driving on rails. While they do use premium gas, these small vehicles offer decent fuel economy that … Read more

5 Signs Of A Coolant Leak In Bmw’s

BMW is a luxury vehicle whose brand is based on efficiency and reliability. While BMW’s are durable, they can develop mechanical issues over time. Despite being well made, they can encounter similar problems as other vehicles occasionally. One common issue seen in BMW’s is coolant leaks. Coolant is one of many essential fluids your vehicle … Read more