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A coil-pack contains a set of spark coils that work together to provide voltage from a car’s battery to the engine. These ignition coils are housed together in a single block and create a spark via the spark plugs which in turn ignite fuel to provide power to the engine. What was once the job of the distributor is now completed by the coil-packs in modern cars. Coil-packs are able to deliver a more powerful spark and, unlike the old car distributors, they contain no moving parts.

If you believe that one of the ignition coils is not functioning properly there are a few symptoms you can troubleshoot. A backfiring of the exhaust, or a misfiring of the engine, could be signs of a failing coil-pack. If your engine starts to labor at high speeds or sputters and coughs intermittently, this could also be a sign. If the vehicle starts to vibrate and sputter while in idle or if you just sense that you are getting a poorer performance from the engine and lower miles per gallon, these are also indications of potential problems with the coil-pack.

While the symptoms above may not necessarily mean that you have a faulty coil-pack, it is certainly something to have investigated by a trained mechanic. Another possible problem that could cause the engine to stall or sputter could be a bad fuel pump or fuel injector. The camshaft could have a worn down cam or perhaps the car has a bad or dirty air filter than needs to be replaced. Also, the issue could be a bad spark plug and not an ignition coil. Whatever is causing the issue, it is a good idea to have the engine checked out by a trained, professional mechanic. Many times, the problem will be a minor one, like swapping out a faulty or old coil-pack for a new one.

If you are the owner of an Audi and believe that you have failed or faulty coil-packs, you will need to bring your car into a mechanic to be checked out, as these are not a DIY repair. The coil-pack’s failure to provide a spark to the engine from the battery will continue to get worse and so will the lack of engine power. An underperforming engine will burn more fuel which will burn more of your money at the gas pump. An inexpensive fix now can save you a lot of money in the future.

It is generally not an expensive car repair to have the coil-pack replaced. A local mechanic should be able to take care of this fast and at a price that won’t hit you too hard in the bank account. The German Car Depot offers a fair price on all Audi repairs. If you live near Miami or Fort Lauderdale, area and are looking for honest repair you should bring your car to the German Car Depot. We are a trusted company with a great reputation, and would be proud to serve you as a customer.

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