Audi Repair: High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP), cam follower and cam

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The fuel pump on an Audi, like any automobile, is an important part of the internal combustion engine. The low pressure fuel pump delivers fuel from the fuel tank to the high pressure fuel pump. The HPFP is driven by the camshaft and pressurizes the fuel so it can then be sprayed directly into the combustion chamber. A cam is a piece used in the mechanical linkage of the motor. It either spins or rotates. A cam follower, sometimes knows as a track follower, is a needle bearing or roller that is configured to mount to the cam. As the cams and the cam followers spin, they press valves that deliver the fuel to the engine.

When the cam or cam followers fail to work in a high pressure fuel pump this can cause a number of problems. If your Audi is struggling to accelerate or you experience a fuel cut where the gas pedal is being pressed down to no effect then this could be a symptom of a worn out cam or cam follower.

When a fuel pump experiences a cam failure, rarely is it the cam itself that is at fault. Typically the problem will arise from wear that has occurred with other parts. Lobe wear is often the culprit in camshaft failure. This is due to the use of the wrong lubricant. High spring pressure and worn out distributor gears can also cause cam failure.

Some causes of cam failure:

  • Lobe wear
  • Distributor gear wear
  • Camshaft end play
  • Broken dowel pins or keys

While it is true that your engine may continue to operate with worn cam followers, not having them replaced could lead to other problems with the high pressure fuel pump. The failure of different parts of the camshaft is not a problem that is unique to Audi vehicles. The more miles you put on your car, the more wear you’ll be putting on all of the engine components. It is always wise to do a little preventative maintenance with your car. Having the cams and cam followers checked out when you bring your Audi in for a tune-up is a good idea. Replacing a worn part will be much easier and cheaper than having to deal with any problems that may result from ignoring the problem.

When you bring your Audi into a mechanic they will first diagnose what the problem is. The mechanic will also check to see if there is an actual problem with the camshaft itself or a failure of the cam sensors. He or she will then make repairs to either the sensor or the actual camshaft. If there are worn out parts on any components of the HPFP, they will likely be swapped out for new ones.

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