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For most people, a car’s exhaust system is the most underrated component in any roadworthy vehicle. Although it might not be the first thing you think about in terms of personal safety or even engine performance, it plays a crucial role in both these aspects. The exhaust system is an array of vehicle parts and pipes that work together to channel the exhaust gasses generated by your car to the outside. Additionally, its design reduces air pollution inside your vehicle. Therefore, your exhaust system must be in optimum condition. Below are some tips on how to maintain your car’s exhaust system.


Your exhaust system has many components that bring it all together to work efficiently; all these parts play a designated role. No matter how tiny the role may seem, it’s crucial to the overall performance of the whole system. For example, the hanger keeps the exhaust system at a certain level. Hence once it breaks, the system moves up and down as you drive. This, in turn, affects the clamped and welded joints, making them loose. Therefore, once you notice a loose system or notice that your system is making unusual noises, it’s advisable to get it fixed promptly.


Several things can trigger the check engine light, but the initial cause will be related to the emission system. Therefore, the light going on indicates a problem. Although most car owners will notice the light and choose to take care of it at a later date, this is not advisable. Once the light goes on, it’s best to get it checked and repaired by a qualified professional to avoid further damaging the system.


Most of the parts of an exhaust system are exposed in the car’s underbelly. Driving over potholes and debris leaves it vulnerable to damage and loss of components. Therefore, when taking your car off the road, it’s advisable to carefully navigate the potholes and get a regular undercarriage inspection after such journeys to assess the damage and fix it.


Maintaining your exhaust system is not a difficult task; however, it needs you to be attentive to your car and regularly visit professionals to help you with maintenance.

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