Too Much Water

If there is too much water or if the wrong kind of coolant or antifreeze is in the system, your vehicle will need a coolant flush. The coolant is especially formulated for your vehicle to protect all of its cooling components. Too much water will not only increase the risk of corrosion inside the system, but it also will make your coolant boil or freeze at the wrong temperature.

Wrong Coolant

Just like with water, having the wrong coolant in your system can affect its boiling temperature. The chemical composition of different coolants varies. All water-based coolants are made from ethylene glycol and water mixed at a certain ratio. Adding the wrong coolant is especially dangerous when two or more kinds are mixed since the various mixtures are also made to last a specific amount of time.


When coolant gets old, deposits of rust and debris can collect in different components. These are harmful to key elements of the system such as the water pump and thermostat and can lead to unexpected failure. Fresh coolant not only helps extend the life of these components, it also enhances their performance. The formulas on your Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, MINI or Volkswagen vehicles are made to last longer than conventional coolants, but they should still be flushed.

Additives or Contaminants

Faulty parts can sometimes allow other fluids, such as oil or transmission fluid, to enter the cooling system of your car. This can cause major issues and damage to the water pump, radiator, thermostat, and hoses. When any fluid other than antifreeze and water and found in the system, the cause of the mix should be immediately addressed and the coolant flushed to avoid further damage.

Drain & Fill vs. Flush

If there is something in the coolant system that needs to come out, a flush is needed. Whether it be excess water, the wrong coolant, additives, oil, rust or build-up of any kind, a simple drain and refill doesn’t push any of these out. Flushing guarantees that 3-4 gallons of coolant and water are going pushed through the coolant system carrying all this debris with it. Your coolant is inspected for leaks, discoloration, and contaminants at every oil change when your vehicle is at German Car Depot.

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