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The transmission in your BMW receives a lot of wear and tear through your every day trips. Often one of the most neglected portion of cars, your transmission is susceptible to breakage just like every other part on your BMW. Two of the most common repairs for your BMW transmission are seals and gaskets.
If you locate a leak in your BMW’s transmission, you should contact German Car Depot immediately and schedule a repair. Our trained professionals will locate, repair, and do a follow-up inspection on your transmission. Replacing your BMW’s transmission can be a costly repair, so keeping your current one safe should take priority.

Transmission Seals and Gaskets

The seals and gaskets in BMW transmissions are one of the more common repairs. Leaks often start to form and drops of oil slowly leak out. Although these small leaks will not cause an immediate threat to your transmission, it’s recommended that you have a technician at German Car Depot inspect and repair the leak. Keeping oil levels full is the most important part of keep your transmission alive.

BMW Transmission Oil Change

As part of the maintenance plan for your BMW, the fluids and filter in your transmission should be changed when due. In order to keep your transmission alive as long as possible, you should replace the transmission fluids with an approved brand. The professionals at German Car Depot know exactly what fluids you BMW takes, and are ready to service your vehicle.

Long Term Damage

Repairing any leaking gaskets on your car is important. But when your transmission leaks, it generally doesn’t have much oil to lose before it’s no longer getting enough to perform well. If you check your transmission fluid on a regular basis, and start to notice it getting low, have your vehicle’s transmission inspected.
Should your find a leak in your BMW’s transmission seals or gaskets. Contact a professional at German Car Depot and schedule an appointment. Our trained professionals know exactly how to replace the seals or gaskets in your transmission, and will get the job done right.