BMW Steering - Suspension

The suspension - steering systems of your BMW are important for safety and comfort. While the suspension provides a smooth and quiet ride, it also creates stability through turns, heavy braking and acceleration. As the BMW Steering - Suspension is constantly being abused, it's important to service and inspect your BMW's suspension regularly.

Another important and often forgotten aspect to your BMW's suspension system is the power steering assembly. While your BMW Power Steering Maintenance will prevent most of the major problems, keeping out rode grime and moister will increase it's life time.

BMW Suspension Replacement

The shocks, springs, and struts on your BMW take abuse every time your vehicle leaves the driveway. Every time you hit a bump, the suspension system is responsible for compensating, providing a smooth and quiet ride down the road. To maintain the highest level of comfort and performance, most professionals recommend to start changing your suspension components around 60k miles, or when noises or loss of performance arise.

BMW Suspension Maintenance

Your BMW suspension maintenance should happen at regular intervals. Keeping your suspension well maintained will increase it's life time and performance. Maintenance on your BMW's suspension includes regular inspections, light cleaning of dirty components, and replacement of worn out bushings.

BMW Power Steering Replacement

Loss of power steering in your BMW rarely happens instantly, but rather takes time after a problem develops. The number one cause of power steering failure is the lack of maintenance and repairs or replacement of fluid. Common signs of power steering failure include rough turning, noises, or clicks while turning.

BMW Power Steering Maintenance

Maintaining your power steering system is far more affordable than replacing broken components. Checking fluid levels should be done every oil change, and is one of the many inspections points at German Car Depot. Locate and fix any fluid leeks to increase the life time of you BMW's power steering system.

BMW Adaptive Suspension

Your BMW's adaptive suspension system is a finely engineered piece of equipment. Using sensors and user in car feedback, your adaptive suspension system changes to your current driving needs.

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