BMW Oil & Filter Change

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BMW Oil & Filter Service is one of the most important services for your car. When you bring your car into German Car Depot, you're getting more than just an oil change and a new filter. You're also getting a highly trained mechanic's eyes looking over important inspection points and checking for problems. With each BMW oil change your BMW gets our 27 point inspection.

In engines using synthetic oil, it is recommended that the oil and filter get changed every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, depending if you drive long trips or short journeys. It may also benefit you to come in every 6 months to change the oil and filter, check hoses, brakes, fluids, and have one of our technicians conduct a visual inspection of your vehicle. Regular scheduled maintenance will save you money over the lifetime of your vehicle, and possibly save your car from a future breakdown.

With a BMW it's important to use the correct oil. Make sure you are servicing your BMW at a shop that understands the requirements of the proper synthetic engine oil.

BMW Oil / Filters:

Your BMW oil filter is an important part of your engine cooling system. It filters out particles from your oil as small as 3.5 microns that could potentially cause damage to your engine. Failing to change this filter can increase oil pressure to an unnecessary level, and prevent proper lubrication of vital engine components.

BMW Oil Specifications:

Most approved BMW oils fall in to the 5W-40 and 5W-30 viscosity classes, however there are some exceptions to this depending on your vehicle. When your BMW comes to GCD, we will let you know the recommended oil for your vehicle.

BMW M Series vehicles with the S54, s62, s65 or S85 engines have a recommended 10W-60 weight synthetic oil.

Engine Oil Level:

As part of your Oil & Filter Service at German Car Depot, we will check the engine oil level before changing it. Part of maintaining your BMW is understanding how it's running. You should check your engine's oil at least every other time you fill up on gas to make sure it's at the full level. If you overfill your engine you run the possibility of future oil leaks.

If you want your BMW fixed correctly the first time, call German Car Depot.

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