What is a TDI Diesel Engine?

TDI stands for Turbocharged Direct Injection. It is a proprietary engine created by the Volkswagen Group for their consumer vehicles sold widely throughout Europe and the United States. The TDI engine is more environmentally friendly than even some hybrid vehicles, and provides the same power and responsiveness as a traditional gasoline engine. TDI engines are used in a variety of Volkswagen models, as well models within their sister-company Audi. Direct Fuel Injection TDI engines get their power by shooting fuel straight into each cylinders combustion chamber. This differs from traditional diesel engines, which has pre-combustion chambers before the cylinders. The TDI engine also utilizes a turbocharger which pushes air into each cylinder, thus increasing the power and efficiency of the engine. These engines are typically smaller, have less surface area, and lose less heat, thus also increasing their gas mileage. More Power TDI engines produce more ... read more


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