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Valve Cover Gaskets

Valve Cover Gaskets – What do they do? They act like sealants between the cover and the engine to prevent oil from leaking out. Symptoms of a Valve Cover Gasket Leak: Many VW engine oil leaks are the result of leaking valve cover gaskets. The most common indications of an oil leak are a foul burning odor in the interior of your VW or oil on the ground under your car. What happens when you have valve cover gasket leak/seepage? Here are a few consequences that can be avoided by early detection of a problem: Oil leakage can cause deterioration of many VW parts that get worn out prematurely from deterioration due to oil seepage: Rubber coolant, air conditioning and power steering hoses. Motor and transmission mounts. Engine wiring connections and harness. Timing belt failure in some cases leading to total engine replacement. Repairs can be expensive (up to $300 for a hose in some case) and o ... read more


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