Coil Pack Repair in VW and Audi

A coil pack, also known as an engine coil, is a collection of ignition or spark coils that are housed in a single block in Audi and VW engines. Each coil helps transform voltage from the battery by creating an electric spark to ignite the fuel to power an engine. On newer cars, especially those with TDI engines, the ignition coils serve the function that was once performed by the distributor. They are considered a better alternative because, unlike a distributor, they have no moving parts and they are required to fire less frequently. They also produce a better spark, and thus a more reliable “start” than traditional engines.

Coil Pack Failure:

If you believe you are experiencing a failure of the ignition coils in the coil pack of your Audi or VW, there are a few signs to look out for, such as

  • Engine stalls or vibrates while idling
  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Difficulty starting the engine
  • A drop in RPMs while idling.

The first indication of a problem would be if the engine is misfiring, or you are having trouble starting it in the morning. Obviously, this could also be due to battery troubles, but if the vehicle is sputtering at high speeds or it starts to vibrate while the car is idling, this rules out battery troubles and you should consider having the coil pack inspected. You should also pay attention to the fuel efficiency and MPG of your vehicle; if it starts to decrease, and is paired with the problems outlined earlier, this could definitely be a coil pack problem.

While the symptoms above may not necessarily mean that you have a faulty coil pack, it is certainly something to have investigated by a trained mechanic. Another possible problem that could cause the engine to stall or sputter could be a bad fuel pump or fuel injector. The camshaft could have a worn down cam or perhaps the car has a bad or dirty air filter than needs to be replaced. Also, the issue could be a bad spark plug and not an ignition coil. Whatever is causing the issue, it is a good idea to have the engine checked out by a trained, professional mechanic. Many times, the problem will be a minor one, like swapping out a faulty or old coil pack for a new one.

If you are the owner of an Audi or VW and believe that you have failed or faulty coil packs, bring your car to German Car Depot for professional diagnosis and repair. The coil packs failure to provide a spark to the engine from the battery will continue to get worse and so will the lack of engine power. An underperforming engine will burn more fuel which will burn more of your money at the gas pump. An inexpensive fix now can save you a lot of money in the future.

Contact German Car Depot today for coil pack maintenance and repair in your Audi or Volkswagen. We are located in Hollywood, Florida, and serve the entire North Miami area. We offer honest service at an honest price. Contact us today for an appointment.

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