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Brake Repairs in Audi Vehicles

Perhaps the most important feature on your entire car, the braking system comes in a two forms, drum brakes and disc brakes. The braking system may seem simple, but it is actually a complex system which your safety depends upon. Here’s a brief explanation common Brake repairs in Audi Vehicles. Disc Brakes: In the case of the disc brake, the hydraulic oil is instead pushed into a caliper and is pressed against a piston, which forces the brake pads against the rotor. This rotor, or disk, is connected to the wheel, and so the car is stopped. Disc brakes are the most common form of brakes Audi’s come with. Drum Brakes: A hydraulic fluid is pushed into a cylinder that forces the brake shoe outward, causing the lining and the drum, which is connected to the wheel, to come into contact. Therefore, friction stops the vehicle. This type of braking system is common in older import vehicles. The majority of today’s Audi vehicles utilize disc brakes supplemented with an anti-lo ... read more

Coil Pack Repair in VW and Audi

A coil pack, also known as an engine coil, is a collection of ignition or spark coils that are housed in a single block in Audi and VW engines. Each coil helps transform voltage from the battery by creating an electric spark to ignite the fuel to power an engine. On newer cars, especially those with TDI engines, the ignition coils serve the function that was once performed by the distributor. They are considered a better alternative because, unlike a distributor, they have no moving parts and they are required to fire less frequently. They also produce a better spark, and thus a more reliable “start” than traditional engines. Coil Pack Failure: If you believe you are experiencing a failure of the ignition coils in the coil pack of your Audi or VW, there are a few signs to look out for, such as Engine stalls or vibrates while idling Decreased fuel economy Difficulty starting the engine A drop in RPMs while idling. The first indication of a problem wou ... read more

Does German Car Depot Honor Vehicle Warranties-Service Contracts?

The quick answer is Yes, German Car Depot does honor vehicle warranties service contracts. This is not something that every service center can offer. Certainly your neighborhood mechanic working out of his or her garage cannot offer to cover service under the warranty on your VW or Audi. Even though German Car Depot is not affiliated with Volkswagen or Audi, they can still offer their customers the same professional service as a dealership and often at a cheaper price and in less time too. If you are unsure of whether or not your car is even still covered under warranty that is not a problem. German Car Depot can check to see if your Volkswagen or Audi is still under warranty. We can check the vehicles status with the manufacturer via the VIN number, and see exactly what services and parts are covered. Whether or not your car is protected by a warranty or service contract, German Car Depot can inspect any mechanical issues you may be having with your car and they can provide you wi ... read more

My VW is Under Warranty, do I have to visit the Dealership?

Many people are under the impression that if they have a manufacturer warranty on their Audi or VW, that they have to visit a dealership to get repairs. This is simply not the case. You can take your car to an independent service center, and still get the cost of the work covered. So many people take their car for repairs to the same place that they bought it. This may seem convenient, but that’s not always the case. A local garage like the German Car Depot can perform repairs that are covered under the warranty, without a lot of red tape and paperwork. We handle that all for you, and give you the same quality repairs you’d expect from a dealership. If you are no longer sure if your VW is still covered by the warranty, German Car Depot can also look into that for you and make any necessary repairs. Regardless of whether your car is still covered under its original warranty or service contract, German Car Depot is a trusted name in German auto repair and can get the job don ... read more

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